Every day we require through our foods the set of essential vitamins and minerals that can prevent deficiencies, enable proper blood flow in body and restore nerve functions. Our foods should have the desired nutrients for healthy production of red blood cells, DNA restoration, nerve cell functions, for the myelin sheath that lines the nerves and to get desired energy output. This is also significant for metabolism and immunity. For example – Inadequate intake of vitamin B12 and iron can cause anemia. The symptoms can be shortness of breath, paleness, fatigue, palpitation, disturbances in the motor skills, eyesight problems and disturbances in bladder and bowel functioning. These symptoms can be seen even if the person has slightly low nutrient intake. To prevent deficiencies in everyday foods, people take health drinks, fruits, and alternative foods, at the same time, natural remedies to boost overall health can be taken to get the desired nutrients.

Vitamin A is needed for immunity, vitamin C helps in reducing the effects of aging and vitamin B12 is needed for proper nerve functioning. There are a number of health supplements available but certain pharmaceutical medicines may not be absorbed properly by the body. Natural remedies to boost overall health contain a set of herbs which are normally added to foods and if taken in proper doses each day, it can rebuild body and strengthen immunity.

Intake of certain laboratory based nutrients can have side effects. For example – taking excess of vitamin D supplements can cause weakness in muscles and fatigue. Additionally, these days we are exposed to harmful chemicals that can pose unnecessary risks to the human body. For example – If one is exposed to pesticides, holds cell phone to ear for long, uses humidifier or antibacterial soaps, eats in microwaved plastics, uses plastic containers and is exposed to strong laboratory based chemicals then cures should be taken to prevent side effects. Natural remedies to boost overall health can help in providing the body with certain rare phyto constituents to prevent deficiencies and empower the body system to fight such external dangers. Super Health capsules offer powerful herbal remedy that contains extracts e.g. Lauh Bhasma, Kuchla, Saunth, Ras Sindoor, Pipal and Kali Mirch to strengthen the body.

Lauh Bhasma is prepared from iron oxides and it contains oxides of silicon, aluminum and calcium as well. It is prepared through a series of stages where it is converted into micro and nano particles and in such forms, it exhibits a wide range of medicinal benefits. The technology of nano particles mentioned in Ayurvedic texts is based on the theory that all enzymes, DNA structures, antibodies, receptors, antigens and oxygen carriers in body are of the dimension of the nano particles and it is easy to inject such particles in body to get immediate health benefits, while Ras Sindoor is a mercury and sulfur based non-toxic preparation. Kuchla, Saunth, Pipal and Kali Mirch are rich in antioxidants and have the properties to get rid of infections from the body. These components in the natural remedies to boost overall health help to empower muscles, tissues and also help in getting rid of toxins accumulated in deeper tissues in the body.

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