Hypo and hyper thyroidism are conditions that happen due to improper functioning of thyroids glands. The person suffering from the condition can suffer from goitre, abrupt heartbeat, muscular weakness, fatigue, poor mental strength, constipation and diarrhea. Thyroidism can also cause emotional issues and the person may feel irritable and nervous. The reactions to various situations can be unusual. They may find it difficult to handle pressure at work and may need monitoring of the condition all the time. Natural treatment for thyroid problems provides safe and effective ways to regulate the flow of thyroid gland and to normalise secretions from the gland.

Ayurveda believes the problem of thyroid glands occurs due to the imbalance of kapha and pitta. Pitta is responsible for cellular functions and kapha is the fat depositions on the cells, inner gland and arteries. The purpose of cure by herbs is to remove the coating of fat on cells which restricts the functioning of glands, and revive metabolic functions. The fat coating happens due to the presence of harmful bio-compounds in the circulatory system that restricts the glands from working normally. Imbalance of heat in human body can burn the fluids required for the functioning of glands. Herbs such as Bauhinia variegata, Commiphora Mukul, Crataeva nurvala, Acorus calamus, Withania somnifera can be found in the natural treatment for thyroid problems i.e. Thyronil capsules as these herbs help to restore normal functioning of the glands to regulate the conditions of hypo and hyper thyroidism.

Commiphora Mukul is believed to be a strong ayurvedic ingredient that can cure diseases related to metabolic organs such as liver, urinary system etc. It is also effective in condition of tumors, paralytic seizures and sinus as it contains a set of diterpenes, flavanones, sterols and steroid esters. It contains the fat soluble compound guggulsterones and the composition of guggulsterones E and guggulsterones Z is considered effective on human body. In a laboratory test on rats, the component guggulsterones Z was believed to be effective in increasing iodine uptake when a dose of 10 mg per kg of the extract was taken. The mechanism believed to be responsible for the working of guggulsterones Z is unlike the way the endocrines work. The herbal compounds increase the serum and T4 levels in human body. T4 is a thyroid type produced by the signalling of TSH. T4 is long lasting and can be used later as well, while T3 is used for immediate need.

Bauhinia variegata or kachnar is used as astringent and for treating a number of skin conditions such as ulcer, rashes, leprosy and its bark can be taken as decoction. The herb works in case of bleeding piles or blood in urine. It is used as natural treatment for thyroid problems as it can cure goitre.

Crataeva nurvala improves the functioning of kidney and is believed to be effective in dissolving stones and getting rid of infections in the urinary system. It can also reduce pain and inflammation. Researchers believe it can improve the suppleness of tissues and promote blood circulation to provide natural treatment for thyroid problems. It can be taken to prevent disorders of prostate glands. Acorus calamus is another herb used in the treatment of hypo-thyroidism.

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