It can be hard at times when your trying to lose weight to stay focused what with the ups and downs of life hectic life styles and so on.

So I saw a article on the American Chronicles website and thought it would make a good post.

So they say:

1. Don’t dive in headfirst into anything there are so many fad diets these days that promise that this and the other and in truth losing weight slowly is more safer than, losing it fast aim for 1 pound a week if possible that’s 500 per calories per day.

2. Keep it real everyone either gains or loses weight at different rates no two people are the same, stick to what your doing and don’t worry if someone else is or has lost more weight it’s not a competition.

3. Don’t go hell bent for leather on exercise some people go mad at first going to the gym everyday and the thing is you don’t give your muscles time to recover and tired muscles are no use at all, any exercise is better than none, if you have been living a sit about life style for ten years, a week or more on the treadmill won’t fix that.

4. Watch the calories but don’t slash them down to nothing, if you do that your body will go into starvation mode and will hold on every last ounce of fat, and you won’t lose a anything.

5. Whatever you do don’t skip meals another common mistake people make eat throughout the day fruit is good for eating in between meals and it keeps your metabolism ticking over.

6. Weighing yourself no need to do it everyday why you ask well your weight can change from day to day it might be more one day,then less the next try weighing once a week or twice a week that way you can get a better reading.

7. Eat with your conscious emotional eating can get the better of you at times when your bored depressed it’s all to easy to eat cake or ice cream your mind associates this with the feeling so you tend to do it more often when you feel that way. The only way to deal with this is don’t buy it, if it’s not there you won’t eat it.

8. Going it alone, not always the best idea talk to people who are trying to do the same as you or join a forum based around weight loss where you can get support.

9. Restriction just because you are trying to lose weight doesn’t mean you can’t have some treats just keep it to a minimum once in a while won’t hurt

10. Don’t rely on willpower alone keep a record of what you eat everyday and record your progress both these are a good motivator

Source : American Chronicle

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