(FECYT – Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology) Spanish epidemiologists and geologists have found associations between esophageal cancer and soils where lead is abundant, lung cancer and terrains with increased copper content, brain tumor with areas rich in arsenic, and bladder cancer with high cadmium levels. These statistical links do not indicate that there is a cause-effect relationship between soil type and cancer, but they suggest that the influence of metals from the earth’s surface on the geographical distribution of tumors should be analyzed.

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ConclusionThese results suggest that STAT3 and ReB constitute a minimal activator complex for positive regulation of MMP-1 in colon cancer

Publication date: Available online 21 July 2018Source: Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) – BiomembranesAuthor(s): Karolina Sapoń, Teresa Janas, Aleksander F. Sikorski, Tadeusz JanasAbstractPolysialic acid (polySia) forms linear chains which are usually attached to the external surface of the plasma membrane mainly through the Neural Cell Adhesion Molecule (NCAM) protein. It is exposed on neural cells, several types of cancer cells, dendritic cells, and egg and sperm cells. There are several lipid raft-related phenomena in which polySia is involved; however the mechanisms of polySia action as well as determinants of its …

In this study, the hollow structure of MOF-5 was synthesized. Its drug loading and drug release capacity were studied. The human ovarian cancer SK-OV-3 cell line was selected to study the drug loading system, cytotoxicity, and cellular uptake. We concluded that a hollow MOF with an excellent morphology was successfully fabricated in the experiment; it increased the drug loading capacity, achieved a more ideal sustained-release effect, improved the treatment efficiency of the hydrophobic Chinese medicine component, and provided a relatively efficient drug loading material.Graphical abstract

Publication date: Available online 21 July 2018Source: Chinese Chemical LettersAuthor(s): Tianying Yuan, Dan Gao, Shangfu Li, Yuyang JiangAbstractRecapitulating the tumor microenvironment is a major challenge in the development of in vitro tumor model for the study of cancer biology and therapeutic treatments. 3D multicellular tumor spheroids (MCTS) have been used as reliable models of mimicking in vivo solid tumors. Macrophages and extracellular matrix (ECM), regarded as two key factors of the tumor microenvironment, play significant roles in tumor progression and drug resistance. In order to investigate their effects on …

ConclusionsRetrograde release of the neurovascular bundle with preservation of dorsal venous complex during RARP is safe and associated with excellent oncological and functional outcomes. Future comparative studies are needed.Patient summaryRobot-assisted radical prostatectomy (RARP) presents consistent oncological outcomes for prostate cancer; yet continence and potency results are not uniform. We present a technical modification for RARP aiming to preserve the nerves and vascular structures anterior to the prostate. We evaluated 128 consecutive patients with clinically localized or locally advanced prostate cancer underg…

Source: European UrologyCategory: Urology & Nephrology Source Type: research

CONCLUSIONLECS as palliative treatment may be a viable option for high-risk patients with advanced gastric cancer.

ConclusionsThe linear frequency of p16CDKN2A expression accompanied by decreased frequency of TGF- β1 in CIN III and cancer could be involved in the neoplasia progression.

Correlation is not causation. While many advocates of reduced interactions between “commercial” interests and physicians have implied or directly suggested a quid pro quo between industry meals and other financial interactions and prescribing habits, correlation alone does not prove a quid pro quo relationship. In the case of opioid prescribing, we believe that we have presented a strong case that 1) the relationship between industry payments and prescribing is much weaker than has been presented in the literature, and 2) that prescribing and attendance at manufacturer-sponsored informational lunches…

Source: The Health Care BlogCategory: Consumer Health News Authors: Tags: Reanalysis Source Type: blogs

Publication date: Available online 21 July 2018Source: Mechanisms of Ageing and DevelopmentAuthor(s): Anna A. Wawer, Amy Jennings, Susan J. Fairweather-TaitAbstractA comprehensive literature review of iron status in the elderly was undertaken in order to update a previous review (Fairweather-Tait et al, 2014); 138 papers were retrieved that described research on the magnitude of the problem, aetiology and age-related physiological changes that may affect iron status, novel strategies for assessing iron status with concurrent health conditions, hepcidin, lifestyle factors, iron supplements, iron status and health outcomes (…

Conclusion The patient-based sensitivity, specificity and accuracy of WB MRI including DWI were comparable with those of PET/MRI. On the other hand, the lesion-based sensitivities of WB MRI were relatively low, mainly because of the low detectability of small lymph node metastasis. The combination of T2WI and DWI showed acceptable detectability; however, the T1WI sequence showed no additional value to detect malignant lesions on both lesion- and patient-based sensitivities.

Source: Journal of Nuclear MedicineCategory: Nuclear Medicine Authors: Tags: Other Solid Tumors Posters Source Type: research

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