When in the face of sugary-snack foods, you can’t be trusted, concludes new research in the journal Nutrition Education and Behavior. In the study, Dutch researchers asked 585 men and women which of the four snacks they’d rather have if available:

  • Apple
  • Banana 
  • Candy bar
  • Waffle

Before reading on, ask yourself two questions:

  • Which snack would you choose: an apple, banana, candy bar, or waffle?
  • Which snacks do you keep in your kitchen or office?

About half of the participants said they’d choose the apple or banana. But when presented with the actual snacks a week later, 27 percent of those who had said they’d pick one of the healthy snack switched to the candy bar or waffle. And more than 90 percent of those who had initially made an unhealthy choice stuck with it.

The take-home message: While our intentions may be on lock-down, our actual food choices are often made impulsively. So do yourself a favor and play it smart — keep all processed junk out of your kitchen.

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