Sulfur mustard (SM) is a chemical compound that preferentially targets ocular, cutaneous and pulmonary tissues. Although pathologic effect of SM has been extensively considered, molecular and cellular mechanism of its toxicity, especially at the chronic ph…

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ConclusionsDysphagia prevalence is high in older persons with burns and is associated with increased morbidity and mortality, regardless of burn location.

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This study aimed to evaluate self-perceived participation and autonomy in patients with burns in Fujian, China, and to identify key factors influencing these parameters.MethodsWe investigated 212 patients admitted to the burns unit 1 and 3 months after discharge using the Impact on Participation and Autonomy (IPA), Acceptance of Disability Scale-Revised, Herth Hope Index, Modified Barthel Index Rating Scale, Visual Analogue Scale, and a self-designed demographic data and disease condition questionnaires. Influencing factors were identified using multivariable linear regression.ResultsThe general IPA questionnaire scor…

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Authors: Watson C, Troynikov O, Lingard H
Personal protective clothing (PPC) is mandatory in hazardous industrial workplaces, but can increase thermophysiological strain, causing fatigue, reduced productivity, illness and injury. We systematically reviewed the literature on PPC and heat stress, focusing on research relating to working conditions of high temperature and humidity. PPC must protect industrial workers from a wide variety of hazards, including sun damage, abrasion, chemical spills and electrical burns; these competing demands inevitably compromise thermal performance. Fiber type, textile materi…

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CONCLUSION: Four areas of VH emerged and reflected parents’ belief that higher educational and socio-economic status, previous successes in life and where they live would result in positive health outcomes and reduce the risk of contracting VPDs. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.
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The Meek technique is useful when there is a paucity of donor site in the pediatric group. The graft take is good, contracture formation is low, and this technique is cost-effective.

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Publication date: Available online 10 August 2018Source: BurnsAuthor(s): Reinhard Dolp, Sarah Rehou, Matthew R. McCann, Marc G. JeschkeAbstractObjectivesBurn patients have a highly variable length-of-stay (LOS) due to the complexity of the injury itself. The LOS for burn patients is estimated as one day per percent total body surface area (TBSA) burn. To focus care expectation and prognosis we aimed to identify key factors that contribute to prolonged LOS.MethodsThis was a retrospective cohort-study (2006-2016) in an adult burn-centre that included patients with ≥10% TBSA burn. Patients were stratified into expected-LOS (

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Burns are recognised as a common form of trauma [1 –3]. Individuals recognised to be at greatest risk of burn injury in the Australian adult population are of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent, young males and older persons [4–7]. Management of the older person with burn injury is complex with evidence indicating that advanced age is associated with elevated risk for morbidity and mortality from the time of admission [8]. The presence of dysphagia, characterised by impairments in both the oral and pharyngeal stages of the swallow, is also acknowledged as a potential negative consequence of severe bu…

Burns are a common non-intentional injury, particularly in low-income and under-developed countries [1]. They represent a public health hazard owing to the high morbidity and pronounced functional impairment associated with this type of injury [2]. Significant advances in medical and surgical techniques in the 20th century resulted in a considerable decrease in mortality from massive burns [3]. An increasing number of burn victims sustaining massive burns are discharged from burn units and face the challenging task of reintegration within the society.

Publication date: Available online 10 August 2018Source: Journal of Hazardous MaterialsAuthor(s): Baojie Li, Shenglu Zhou, Teng Wang, Xueyan Sui, Zhenyi Jia, Yan Li, Junxiao Wang, Shaohua WuAbstractAn improved gridded polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) emission inventory for the lower reaches of the Yangtze River Delta (YRD) region from 2001 to 2015 was developed using satellite data. Despite rapid increases in energy consumption, the annual total emissions of the 16 PAHs showed overall decreasing trends, from a maximum of 5445 t in 2001 to a minimum of 2619 t in 2015, with the largest decline (84.6%) obse…

Introduction:  An Old Public Health MenaceThis is somewhat personal.  In the early 1980s, as a general internal medicine fellow, I gave a series of talks about important medical problems that generalist physicians often missed.  One was asbestos related disease.  Although asbestos had been heavily regulated since 1973, there were stilll large numbers of people exposed to it alive in the 1980s.  One of my primitive slides, seemingly a picture of type writing, stated that around then, 2 to 4 million people who had histories of significant asbestos exposure were likely alive.  Asbestos is known t…

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