Schistosomiasis or bilharzia, is a common parasitic disease which can cause bladder dysfunction and hematuria, and even correlate with bladder cancer and increase HIV susceptibility with urogenital lesions.

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Publication date: Available online 11 August 2018Source: Pathology – Research and PracticeAuthor(s): Yuanyuan Shang, Fang Zhang, Dehui Li, Chang Li, Hongbo Li, Yingjian Jiang, Dianliang ZhangAbstractUbiquinol-cytochrome c reductase complex core protein 2 (UQCRC2) is an important subunit of mitochondrial respiratory complex III. However, its role in tumorigenesis and tumor progression remains unknown, especially with regards to colorectal cancer (CRC). In this research, we measured the expression of UQCRC2 protein by immunohistochemistry assay in 89 paired paraffin-embedded tumor tissues and corresponding adjacent normal ti…

Publication date: Available online 9 June 2018Source: Journal of Minimally Invasive GynecologyAuthor(s): Dimitrios Nasioudis, Evelyn Minis, Eloise Chapman-Davis, Melissa K. Frey, Thomas A. Caputo, Steven S. Witkin, Kevin HolcombAbstractStudy ObjectiveEvaluate the prevalence, trends, and outcomes of minimally invasive surgical (MIS) staging of malignant ovarian germ cell tumors (MOGCTs) apparently confined to the ovary.DesignRetrospective cohort study (Canadian Task Force classification II-2).SettingParticipating hospitals in the National Cancer Data Base.PatientsWomen diagnosed between 2010 and 2014 with a MOGCT apparently…

Publication date: Available online 11 August 2018Source: Gynecologic Oncology ReportsAuthor(s): Mackenzie W. Sullivan, Susan C. Modesitt

“Is CT Scan more Accurate than Endoscopy in Identifying Distance from the Anal Verge for Left Sided Colon Cancer? A Comparative Cohort Analysis”.
J Invest Surg. 2018 Aug 08;:1-8
Authors: Costi R, Ricco’ M, Negrini G, Wind P, Violi V, Le Bian AZ
PURPOSES: Accurately localizing colorectal cancer during surgery may be challenging due to intraoperative limitations. In the present study, localization of left-sided colon cancer (LCC) by CT scan is compared to colonoscopy.
MATERIAL AND METHODS: Consecutive patients with LCC located by colonoscopy and CT scan and undergoing left-hemicole…

The sessions are run in a bid to help women boost their self-confidence as they fight against cancer.

Publication date: Available online 11 August 2018Source: Mechanisms of Ageing and DevelopmentAuthor(s): Angyang Hou, Peng Chen, He Tang, Haoye Meng, Xiaoqing Cheng, Yu Wang, Yuming Zhang, Jiang PengAbstractIn older adults, the prevalence of osteoarthritis (OA) increases directly with age and is the most common cause of chronic disability. It is necessary to recognize that OA is a degenerative disease that strongly correlates with age, and often promotes elevated levels of cartilage injury. Chondrocytes undergo an age-dependent decline in proliferative and synthetic capacity. It is thought that cellular senescence may play …

This article is part of HuffPost’s Project Zero campaign, a yearlong series on neglected tropical diseases and efforts to fight them.
For people suffering from painful diseases in remote parts of the world, neighbors volunteering as health educators can be their best shot at getting help.
Ordinary people, without any formal medical training, have stepped up to teach others about common illnesses in the province of Nampula, Mozambique, which has one of the highest rates of neglected tropical diseases in the country ― but where many people live in remote, rural communities, far from any health centers.
As p…

This article is part HuffPost’s Project Zero campaign, a yearlong series on neglected tropical diseases and efforts to eliminate them.
More than 1 billion people on the planet suffer from illnesses that the world pays little attention to.
Neglected tropical diseases are a group of at least 18 diseases that primarily affect people living in poverty in tropical regions of the world and are virtually unknown elsewhere, according to the World Health Organization.
These are diseases like river blindness, which has infected 18 million people worldwide and caused blindness in 270,000 people; or…

Conclusions: To control environmental threats to children’s health in Latin America, WHO, including PAHO, will focus on the most highly prevalent and serious hazards—indoor and outdoor air pollution, water pollution, and toxic chemicals. Strategies for controlling these hazards include developing tracking data on regional trends in children’s environmental health (CEH), building a network of Collaborating Centres, promoting biomedical research in CEH, building regional capacity, supporting development of evidence-based prevention policies, studying the economic costs of chronic diseases in children, and d…

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