Using home remedies for genital warts treatment is a very popular option for people that have discovered that they have genital warts and want to remove them.

When you develop warts on your genital area this is as a direct result of having sexual contact. The cause of the warts is a virus known as HPV or Human Papillomavirus. There are many different strains of this virus and they are all passed on quite easily via skin to skin contact. This makes the virus quite a contagious one and there has been quite an epidemic of HPV in recent years in the U.S.A. This has been to the extent that there has been a vaccine developed to prevent certain strains of the virus being transmitted.

Because of the sexual nature of genital warts, there is a stigma attached to the disease. Many people feel dirty and are ashamed of the warts. It is also common to feel embarrassed about having warts and to feel like no one will ever want to be in a relationship with you again. Many people do not want to go to the doctor to seek treatment for their warts. They prefer to use home remedies for genital warts treatment. There are many ways that you can get rid of warts from the comfort of your home without seeing a doctor. There are actually some methods that are more effective than the treatment that you will receive at the doctor, with less chance of recurrence of the warts.

But there are a few dangers to using homes remedies and if you do not know what you are doing, you can cause more harm than good.

Here is a list of the dangers of home remedies for genital warts:

Danger #1: These warts are caused by the same virus that causes cervical cancer in women. It has occurred that women will treat their warts at home and then forget to schedule their regular check up with their doctor. It is very important that if you are a woman that you remember to schedule your yearly Pap Smear in order to catch any signs of cervical cancer, when it is still treatable. This disease is very easy to cure in the early stages and I can not stress the importance of Pap Smears enough.

Danger #2: There are many unreliable sources out there that will provide you with inaccurate information about treating genital warts. If the remedy that you have decided to use has no effect on your warts, the chances are that your warts will grow and spread before they get better. When this happens your outbreak will last longer and be harder to remove. You may be stuck with warts on your genital for months rather than a few weeks.

Danger #3: There are a few home remedies that I have read online for the treatment of warts on the genitals that are downright dangerous. This skin on this area of your body is very sensitive and you need to be extremely careful with what you apply to it. If you are not, you could wind up with a burn or blister on your nether region.

Danger #4: It is common to be so eager to get rid of your warts that people apply the solution used to treat warts on the hands or feet to the warts on their penis, vagina or anus. This will do nothing except hurt you. Don’t do it.

Source by Veronica Richmond


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