A new study suggests that antioxidants applied to the diets of aging seniors may improve their immune systems. Antioxidants have long been suspected to slow down the aging process, but this has not been proved definitively yet. This new twist on things might act as a step in that direction, however. The fact that aging adversely affects immune systems is not a new one, but with increased knowledge, it looks like this phenomenon might be able to be partially avoided.

All cells release free radicals into our bodies; This is a normal part of our bodies' metabolism process. These, after a while, can cause oxidative stress on our bodies' cells. This has been suspected to be partially responsible for the aging process.

In mice models, the presence of increased amounts of antioxidants led to a reversing of the decline in the strength of their bodies' defenses. When potent antioxidants were injected into the mice, they remained healthier for longer. Some of the oxidative stress that naturally occurs was eliminated. Oxidative stress causes damage to our bodies' cells and can result in the development of many diseases, it is currently believed. In the mice studied, the goal was to find if oxidative stress broke down the dendritic cells. These cells act as sentinels to the bodies' defense systems. When they are affected, immune systems can not respond as efficiently.

Of course there are big suggestions to take away from this study in regards to helping out humans. This study implies that elderly human immune systems may be strengthened through a series of antioxidant injections. And because many seniors do not respond well to typical vaccinations of other types, potent antioxidant injections may make the vaccination process a lot smoother in this respect, as well. By reducing the likelihood of getting sick on more than one front, it is very likely that seniors will be able t live healthier and longer lives.

Weakened immune systems leave the elderly at a higher risk of developing illnesses and diseases with potentially deadly effects. For example, someone with a weak immune system is often at a higher risk of getting cancer. By helping us to better avoid such diseases, a regimen of antioxidants might be a great step forward in fighting the aging process and the consequences that accompanie it.

Our immune systems protect us from illness, infection, and disease. The stronger the immune system stays, the greater our odds of living a happy and healthy life. Maintaining health is extremely important as we age since our immune systems begin to weakened naturally. Perhaps the findings of this study will be able to help take steps towards rectifying this concern and enabling our senior population to live without worry of getting ill.


Source by Matthew G Young


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