In 2001, without warning, I was stuck with a life altering chronic illness: cardiomyopathy. This reiterates to a permanent enlarged and weakened heart muscle, and there is no cure for this disease. And yet 5 years later, in spite of this unfortunate event, I was able to return to college, enjoy the birth of my 3 grands children, and become an accomplished photographer. I did this because I decided back then, to take control of my life. I was not going to allow my illness to do take that from me.

The only reason I share this information with you, my visitors, is in the hopes that somewhere out there, someone with a life altering illness or disability will be encouraged and turn their life around and take control of it. It can be done. Do not sit there and let your illness or disability control your life. Get up and take command, even if all you can do is get dressed for the day. Get out and show people, through your illness or disability, that there is hope. That no matter what adversity comes their way, that they can over come it. Let them see your accomplishments, so they can see that a person can pick up the pieces of their shattered life, and rebuild it.

Since 2001 I have been blessed with three important things in my life; the love of my children and their mother, who have stood by me in some of my darkest hours; a group of excellent doctors; and finally, a community of gifted young artists, who welcomed me into their community, as I took on this incredible journey with my photography. Without these important people in my life, I really think my illness would have totally taken over and destroyed my life.

What can you do? Tomorrow morning gather your troops, family and friends, and declare war on your illness or disability. Get mad, and decide that your illness or disability will effect your day, but it will not be allowed to control your life!


Source by Frederick Smith


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