Let’s face it: American society is obsessed with being thin and beautiful putting people under lots of pressure to be perfect, at least with their appearances and forcing them to seek wrinkle-free skin and perfectly shaped body. This pressure has led to a lot of people – both men and women – to opt for cosmetic surgery and achieve that elusive, perfect image they aspire.

Although traditional cosmetic surgery offers favorable long-term results, the pain and the recovery time associated with surgical liposuction is a turn-off for a lot of people. Not to worry! Modern technology, such as laser fat reduction, has made it possible now for people to alter their appearance without going under the knife.

How Surgical Liposuction Works?

Surgical fat removal used to be one of the most popular cosmetic surgery methods before the arrival of minimally invasive liposuction techniques for removing fatty cell deposits from stomach, thighs, hips, etc. In surgical liposuction, incisions are made into treated area and a device is used to dislodge the fatty tissue which later has to be sucked out by large Cannula.

Although an effective method, traditional liposuction usually results in severe bruising and soreness with patients needing significant recovery time. Furthermore, patients have to be put under general anesthesia along with need for a trained cosmetic surgeon to perform the procedure adding to the overall cost of the treatment. In contrast, using laser for fat removal is cost effective, safe and has minimal side effects.

Laser Liposuction – The Safer Alternative

The advancement in technology has resulted in the availability of an option that can achieve fat loss without the invasive surgery and subsequent threat of side effects. Various laser liposuction treatments are available in the market today that use the same basic technology to get rid of stubborn fatty cell deposits.

These devices use a high powered laser beam to penetrate fat cells beneath the skin. Once the cells are penetrated and broken, they are released trough the lymphatic system of the body and get excreted naturally, similar to the way body releases other toxins. The duration of each laser treatment session can be around 30 minutes to one hour depending on the particular requirement of the treated body area. Since there is no surgical procedure involved, patients can be on their way and resume their normal routine after each session.

Ensuring The Best Results Of Laser Fat Reduction

To make the most out of a non-invasive treatment involving laser, patients need to ensure that they have a proper plan in place for dieting and exercise on a regular basis. It may not be possible to achieve desired results after the treatment if patents fail to follow this protocol in the long term. Using laser for fat removal is a great solution for getting rid of the stubborn pockets of fatty cell deposits that have otherwise proven hard to get rid of through diet or exercise.

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