Do you have a comprehensive idea about warning signs of diabetes in women? The root cause of increased blood sugar in women is obesity. There are few top warning signs of diabetes in women. These are

  • Feeling thirsty
  • Tiredness
  • Dry skin

You’ll be surprised to know that many women in United States of America are suffering from either type of diabetes. Obesity puts the woman at an increased risk of suffering from different types of illnesses; the top in the list is diabetes. Excessive consumption of junk food, soft drink and over processed food items result in accumulation of fats in different parts of the body.

Obesity is not only bad is this makes them to look worse; rather it is worst as it makes the health situation very complicated.

Type 2 diabetes mainly affects the women who are in their thirties. The insulin becomes unable to maintain level of blood sugar in the stream of blood.

Signs Of Diabetes In Women Of Middle Age And Their Cure: Some common warning signs of diabetes in women are tiredness, frequent urination, weight loss, recurrent infection, and itchy and dry skin. It is advisable than woman should immediately contact the doctor as soon as she could witness even one classical symptom of diabetes. With the passing days insulin is becoming comparatively lesser responsive. The result is that proper level of sugar in the bloodstream is disturbed.

Exercising and dieting helps to cure this chronic ailment of middle aged women. It is vital for this age group of women that they should stay away from consuming sugar as it increases the level of glucose in bloodstream. It is also critical to stay away from foods containing fats. The latest researches also recommends that diabetics must stay away from eating red meat; as it helps in curing the signs of diabetes in women

Exercise is the next best recommended treatment. Aerobic dances are not only enjoying but these are good for the better health as well. These dances are a mix of various dances like jazz and salsa. These dances help the person to have a body free of diabetes by helping in losing weight. Losing accumulated fats and maintaining perfect BMI ration also helps to treat this chronic disorder.

It is important for all women suffering from signs of diabetes to have a proper control on their diet plan. The diabetic women should strive to have 5 portions of fruits and vegetables. Here it is also important to know that consuming fresh vegetables is far better than having fruits as vegetables are full of minerals and vitamins and at the same time have a lower content of sugar. The best choice amongst different vegetables are dark green and leafy.


Source by Tehmina Mazher


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