The Acai berry is a highly nutritious fruit which is grown in the dense forest of the Amazon. Local people have lovingly epithet is as the “Superfood” of the Amazon. It is also called the magical fruit due to its high nutritional factors. You should include this fruit into your daily diet to replenish the nutritional contents in your body.

Acai Berry Benefits

The Acai berry has many nutritional benefits. It provides vitamin B1,B2,B3,E and C. these vitamins are essential for your healthy skin. This fruit also contains phosphorus, potassium and calcium. The fruit is rich in fiber. The fibers always help in better digestion. The fruit also has high protein contents. Good fatty acids such as Omega 6 and Omega 9 are also present in the berry. The good fatty acids are strong tools for fighting off the cholesterol from the heart. This fruit is also known to contain vitamin A, C and pantothenic acid and biotin. You can find folic acid in large quantity and iodine as well. The folic acid is useful in increasing the level of hemoglobin in the blood. And the iodine is essential enough to remove goiter away from the body of the person. The copper present inside this fruit is good for the overall growth and development of the body. The sodium, manganese and zinc present in the berry are good for your brain. It also contains boron, molybdenum and selenium.

Acai Berry Side Effects

Though there is no known side effect of this fruit even in long term but eating this fruit excessively may produce few side effects in you. This fruit should be taken in recommended dose. But people find it difficult to avoid the overdose of the fruit due to its immensely good taste. Due to the higher fiber content you may face the appetite suppression problem when you consume more fruit than recommended. The level of energy and stamina increases manifolds in the body which may eventually increase your palpitation. Though you get normal within 2- 4 hours. All the above stated side effects are neither dangerous nor stay for long time.

Online Buying of the Acai Berry Fruit

You can now buy the Acai berry fruit through online stores. These online stores will give you heavy discounts on the buying of the product of the fruit.


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