Have you tasted Acai berry juice? If you are thinking about trying Acai juice for the first time, you might be wondering what this miracle berry might taste like. After resisting the advertising for many months, I decided it was time to try out this fruit from the depths of the rain forests. With Oprah and so many other famous people raving about it, I felt I had to give the Acai berry a try. I didn’t know whether to try the juice or the capsules. That made me think: what does Acai berry taste like?

Buying a supply of juice and then finding you didn’t like the taste would be annoying. So, I did some checking online. Google had plenty of information about the flavor of the Acai berry. For once, most people were in agreement.

All the descriptions I found of the taste of Acai juice were rather similar. They all describer the taste as “berry flavours and chocolate”. That sounded very exotic for a fruit. The thought of chocolate was almost irresistible. Trying to imagine the exact taste was impossible. It sounded intriguing enough to be worth a try.

Which is best Acai juice or capsules? Well I read pages of information and still don’t know the answer. Getting the answer to what the juice tastes like was easy. However, finding out whether to get the juice of the capsules was not. Acai fans are about equally divided on the question. Half say you should definitely take the Acai berry in juice form. The other half are equally adamant that Acai capsules are best.

My choice was not made exactly scientifically. I saw a special offer for Acai juice. It included free delivery; that (and the thought of chocolate flavour) clinched it. The juice arrived within a couple of days. I couldn’t wait to get started. After reading all the instructions I opened the bottle. A cautious sniff reassured me. The juice did smell of fruit with chocolate overtones. Would the Acai berry juice taste of chocolate?

Having recently been exposed to scores of advertisements for Acai berry juice, I had some ideas about its appearance. You might have noticed that some of these Acai berry juices are packaged in bottles similar to wine bottles. I knew Acai juice wasn’t going to taste like wine. I did, however, imagine it would look like red wine. Burgundy red and chocolate flavoured was what I imagined.

My first glass of Acai juice was a surprise. It didn’t look like red wine. It didn’t even look like red grape juice. It wasn’t the clear sparkling juice of my imagination. It actually looked like muddy water. The way the juice looked didn’t put me off. “Prune colored” sounds more attractive than muddy. The cloudy appearance didn’t matter, and it smelt ok.

What does Acai berry taste like? My first sip confirmed it does indeed taste like fruit with chocolate overtones – but not in a good way. To be honest, the taste was horrible. It was not a very strong flavour. There was just something nasty about it. Fortunately, it became drinkable when mixed with other fruit juice.

If you (as I did) approach the Acai juice experience with high expectations for the fruit and chocolate taste, you will probably be disappointed. The news isn’t all bad though. I have done some more research since buying my first Acai berry juice. It seems that different brands of juice differ a lot in flavor. You might be able to find one to your taste. In any event, the taste of Acai berry juice can be improved by mixing with other fruit juices of your choice. So it is worth trying different brands.


Source by Tammy Carter


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