Four powerful natural extracts stand out as absolute must-have essential oils for hair. Lemon and rosemary cleanse like a little army of scrubbing bubbles. Basil and bergamot help your hair grow thicker and fuller. Cleansing, restoring, nourishing and protecting your hair and scalp, these four indispensable, gotta-love-’em treatments for hair make you look like a supermodel on a housewife’s budget.

Lemon: The All-Purpose Hair Care All Star

Among essential oils for hair, lemon leads the league. Although all citrus fruits work wonders on your hair, teasing and tantalizing your nose, lathering like crazy, lemon still dominates. Lemon cleanses best, delivers the most anti-oxidants and the most powerful anti-bacterials, and lemon rinses away the cleanest and most completely. Readily available and relatively inexpensive, lemon oil will not lure you into an exhausting, frustrating, and fruitless marketplace quest. In fact, you really ought to consider growing your own, because lemon trees spring-up pretty naturally across all the states south of the Mason-Dixon Line, and they flourish everywhere indoors. Minimal care; maximal benefit, lemon oil also has the distinct advantage of mixing well with almost all other essential oils for hair.

Bergamot: Rich, Fragrant, and Fantastic

Among the most nourishing and definitely one of the most exotic fragrances you can add to your essential oil hair formula, bergamot deep cleanses and promotes hair’s healthy growth. A proud member of the citrus family, bergamot naturally mixes well with all its relatives, and it effectively maintains the oil and pH balances in your hair. It strips away excess oil from your hair and scalp, but it does not strip them dry. Bergamot delivers powerful anti-bacterial and anti-vitals straight from Nature’s arsenal, especially protecting you against some of the more insidious viruses-herpes simplex, for example. Best of all, Bergamot brings the most pick-me-up and perk-me-up power of all your choices.

Basil Boosts the Billow

If your hair, once as big, billowing and spectacular as Rapunsel’s, has lost its life and gone a little limp, move Basil to the top of your list of glamour secrets. If your hair has begun to thin (just a little) basil should become your best buddy. If your hair has less body than an anorexic teen model, you definitely must befriend Basil. Naturopaths’ number one recommendation for promoting hair’s health, basil nourishes your hair and scalp, and basil numbers among leading ingredients in proven hair-restoration remedies. Basil eliminates common causes of hair loss, replenishing hair you have, and replacing locks you lost. Reputable studies have shown basil improves circulation and restores life to damaged follicles, so your hair grows fuller and stronger. For full, radiant, luxurious hair, you absolutely must include basil among your preferred essential oils for hair

“Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes”

Rosemary rocks. Just about every best-selling mix of essential oils for hair includes Rosemary. Not a surprise: Rosemary ranks right up there with the best cleansers, anti-oxidants, and germ-fighters; and Rosemary numbers among the league-leaders for soothing and healing scalp irritation, psoriasis, and dandruff. By far most importantly, though, ounce for ounce Rosemary has more Phyto-estrogens than any of the other oils. Phyto-estrogens, plant equivalents of your own vital female hormones, promote hair’s full, natural, healthy development, and they put-up fierce defense against hair loss. Rosemary mixes well with and brings out the rich fragrances of your citrus oils and Basil, complementing and highlighting them.


Source by Cynthia K Thomas


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