When you have been living at home with your mom who started showing signs and symptoms of menopause, you have probable spent some time apart from her anytime she was at home. Some of these signs and symptoms that your mom may have been manifesting includes frequent complaints of headaches and emotional spells – these may be too overwhelming for her and also, for you.

Oprah and her expert resource people oftentimes talked about the changes that menopausal women experience. Aside from the cessation of menstrual period, it was also determined that lots of them are going through changes that include poor skin quality, low stamina, difficulty in controlling emotions, an inability to lose weight and hair loss. During the discussion, few of solutions were given by the experts that include seeking counselling, adhering to a natural diet, and reading up in menopause in order to gain a better understanding of the changes, and undergoing the controversial HRT, also known as the hormone replacement therapy.

But then, many medical and natural health experts have doubt about the HRT since lots of studies prove that there are serious side effects about receiving estrogen therapy. One of these includes the increased possibility of suffering from gallbladder problems. Many women on HRT develop gall stones along with other gall bladder issues since this hormone makes the liver overwork. Furthermore, there is a high build-up of cholesterol levels since one of the breakdown products of estrogen is cholesterol, which can increase the risk of gallstone or gallbladder complications.

For people with breast cancer, the length of time that HRT is administered has been believed to be the culprit. Studies revealed that after 5 years of use, there is a linked with the increased risk of developing breast cancer.

Other side effects include blood clots, breast cancer, high risk of developing heart diseases and obtaining a stroke. For heart diseases, few studies revealed that there is no increased risk with estrogen but since lots of women take combined HRT, an increased risk of developing heart problems was discovered from the combines progestin and estrogen.

A lot of studies that have been conducted to figure out why there are side effects to HRT and how to work around them, however these days, it would not hurt to consider the complicated side effects of this treatment. HRT is actually a solution but it is not the only solution to hormones that were affected by menopause.


Source by Suzzie M. Trimble


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