Obesity is a major health issue that is plaguing American society. Laziness, irregular eating habits, lack of care in children, eating readymade foods (fried stuff) and vegetables and fruits that are grown artificially are all causes for obesity. All these causes lead health risks in people. Genetically engineered food stuff like vegetables and fruits look attractive but are harmful to health. Also they are given hormones to grow fast. This causes damage to our body. The increase in weight (obesity) can lead to infertility in men, spine problems, diabetes, increases heart failures and many more.

The effects of obesity as health risks are many. Besides physical health issues, many suffer from psychological issues as well. In this modern world 'thin is in'. Here people who are obese are the butt of jokes and become laughing stock. Older older people, children are often subjected to cruel criticism from peers. This makes them withdraw into a shell causing depression. Obesity is a serious medical condition that can lead to cardio vascular diseases and even sleep apnea.

The first step is to exercise and follow a strict diet to help control obesity. This is a sure step towards reducing weight. There are special videos on you tube and other weight loss websites for obesity as health risks. Watch them to get rid of excess fat. There are also medicines available for reducing weight. This needs to betaken under medical supervision. These tablets help to reduce hunger and lessen fat absorption. These are known as anti-obesity drugs.

If it is genetic as in most cases then surgery is the only option.


Source by Erik G Orozco


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