Previously vitamins were available only in tablets and pills form. Nowadays, they are available in liquid form as well. Once the vitamins are taken, absorption in the blood stream takes place immediately as the process does not involve breaking down of anything solid. Pills contain binders, fillers and preservatives so that they have a longer shell life. Aged people as well as children prefer to have liquid vitamins instead of pills and tablets. These vitamins are available in varied flavours and hence they are palatable.

It is very important to incorporate vitamins in our daily diet. Natural sources of vitamins are fruits and vegetables, but our body may not be able to get enough nutrients only from them. To supply the body with optimum nutrients, minerals and vitamins, one also needs to take supplements. Liquid vitamin supplements improve your overall health and life quality also.

The digestive system has to work overtime if you ingest vitamin pills and tablets. When you take them in liquid form, it is easier and absorption is better. The only drawback of liquid vitamins is that the life span is shorter as compared to pills and capsules. If you intend purchasing these vitamins from over the counter, make sure you read the ingredients and composition of these liquid vitamins. The best way is to check with your doctor before beginning the dosage. People who have a health condition or any other medical ailments need to double check with their doctor before consuming any vitamins.

Some of the vitamin supplements required by our body are Vitamin A which helps in strengthening your immunity system. Vitamin A and beta carotene is useful for maintenance of healthy cells, protects eye sight etc. The B vitamins and B12 are very important for controlling the homocysteine levels in the blood. When there is an increase in this level, it leads to variety of ailments like a cardiac arrest, osteoporosis, Alzheimer. Liquid V12 vitamins helps in fighting heart related problems, anaemia and memory loss. It helps in regulating the brain function.

Liquid Vitamin C is ideal for curing colds and coughs and also increasing your immunity levels. It helps in faster healing of wounds, scars and enhances skin quality. Vitamin D is important reduces the risks associated with falling especially in older people. The deficiency of vitamin D results in fractures and bone loss in elderly people. Doctors also prescribe sublingual liquid vitamins which just need to be placed beneath the tongue for quicker absorption. A good liquid multivitamin will include vitamins like A, C and E and all the B-complex vitamins as well as antioxidants. Different vitamins work differently for different people, hence make sure what your requirement is.


Source by Lee M Chan


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