The signs of perimenopause are but not limited to, fuzzy thinking, hot flashes that may be very short in duration but quite extreme. Sudden disruption in sleep, headaches, vaginal irritation, irregular periods, heavy bleeding, emotional distress and a feeling of disorientation or vertigo. There are more apparent symptoms of perimenopause such as anxiety, fatigue, extreme mood swings and the inability to stay or get focused.

The cognitive effects of perimenopause cause some women a great deal of concern and are frequently overlooked by the medical community as unrelated. Short term memory loss has been reported as well as the inability to do multiple things at once. The time in which a woman goes into perimenopause has the ratio of estrogen to proestrogen in flux which can manifest itself along with other signs as extreme bleeding. Diets high in simple carbs and low in protein contribute to perimenopaise which actually is a great indicator that a woman has some control over this event. Increasing the amount of naturally found hormones can greatly relieve many of the symptoms of perimenopause.

Essential nutrients should become a way of life for any woman concerned about these symptoms. Herbs containing phytoestrogens are recommended as well as, Soy. Dong Quai is a popular herb in chinese tradition and is used around the world to treat menopause symptoms and irregularities and more. And is said to be effective in the treatment of perimenopause.

People believe Black Cohosh contain phytoestrogens but hasen’t been proved yet. This is a north American plant. It has a long standing relationship with the native’s of North America. Only recently used by western medicine in the treatment of gynecological ailments that’s linked to menopause symptoms, infertility, bringing of menstruation and more common women problems. It has also been used to treat fevers, the everyday common cold, and more. Side effects of Black Cohosh have been headaches, gastric and stomach discomfort as well as weight gain.

Chaste tree berry or Chasteberry also known as Vitex Agnus Castus is another known herb to be used for a wide range of symptoms linked to permenopause Every woman experiences these symptoms differently while many similarities remain. It is important to find which treatment is best for the individual.


Source by Ryan English


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