This article will tackle the cause of two pandemic forms of cancer, cancer of the prostate and colon cancer. Scientists have determined that prostate cancer is an epidemic so vast that nearly one autopsy in two of older men reveals the presence of this cancer. Fortunately, this cancer is usually so slow growing that most men die of other causes, even as the cancer grows slowly within the prostate gland. Yet deaths by prostate cancer and the debilitating effects of prostate surgery still affect thousands of families today. In addition, nonmalignant enlargement of the prostate afflicts millions of American men with such symptoms as painful and frequent urination. As a therapist who specializes in discovering the underlying causes of disease, I have discovered, once again, the reasons for this pandemic can be found in the cultural habits of our society.

First, let's ask the obvious question: what is the prostate's job in a healthy individual? Although prostate conditions including cancer usually show up as problems with urination, the prostate gland is mainly about sex. The prostate's job is to mix sperm with its own liquid secretions to produce semen, then through contractions associated with male orgasm, it propels this semen into the penis. When I have worked with men who have any prostrate condition I almost always find that these men feel subconsciously frustrated and often guilty about their sexual behavior. Each case has unique elements. Therefore I will not claim that it is always one particular feeling or trauma. But my experience is that it always is about sex.

One client notes guilty about years of being unfaithful to his wives. Another dreams remorse over years of visiting prostitutes, and having meaningless sex. Still another feels badly that he had sex with a wife he did not really love. So far I have not met any man who prostate is complaining because it didnt get enough sex. While I can not rule out this possibility, it seems that wasting of one's procreative life force is the issue which is locked into the prostates of most of my clients. (Incidentally, I always use open ended questions, and never use direct suggestion or leading questions in my work with cancer patients in order to minimize the impact of my own beliefs on the subconscious minds of my clients. , I had no clue as to what might be found in the prostates of my clients)

This discovery of loose sexual behavior among the vast majority of my prostate clients is consistent with the "sexual revolution" of the 1970s, in which sex went from being a form of recreation reserved exclusively for married couples, at least theoretically, to becoming a free for all. The Playboy philosophy, birth control, and the hippie and women's lib movements combined to create unprecended opportunities for men and women alike to spread their seeds to the four winds. While I too had the chance to celebrate and enjoy this new freedom, it is our prostate glands, concerned with such "obsolete" concepts as romantic love, families, and children that I have discovered are in rebellion among so many men today.

As a hypnotherapist it is my job to listen to this prostate gland in a way that the client has never done. Indeed most clients are shocked to discover this throwback to conservative values ‚Äč‚Äčliving inside their bodies. Sometimes tears of remorse, dedication to a new lifestyle, even acts of atonement performed for women can help heal this condition. At other times, committing oneself to seeking a loving partner, even to reaching out to ones lost or grown children has proved valuable. I really do not know what my client's prostate needs to heal itself … but fortunately that prostate always does.

Another kind of cancer epidemic is colon cancer. Well, it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out the why of this epidemic either. We know that the colon is the place where waste is produced, and the water we need is dropped out. I have often found unprocessed waste emissions in the colon, including anger, of which the client is often in denial. One client of mine who suffered severe ulcerative colitis screamed at me in a purple faced rage "Damn it! I am NOT angry !!" when I attempted to point out, very politely, what I was feeling from him. Even residual traumas from toilet training can be found in there sometimes.

But the cultural common causes of colon cancer I have found is connected to the diet and lifestyle choices pursued by most Americans. All of these eating habits have been scientifically proven to have debilitating effects on the colon: large amounts of animal fat in the diet, too much melted cheese and white flour products, all of which stick like glue to the colon walls, where they rot and produce pollution, too little vegetable fiber, including the raw roughage like lettuce and carrots that clean the colon like a bottle brush, and too little water. (okay, how many of you really drink the 8 glasses a day minimum recommended by doctors?) Also critically dangerous to the colon is our lifestyle choice of sitting for most of every day on our sedentary butts. Remember that as a species homo sapiens evolved to spend many hours every day in physical movement.

So any proposed solution to this epidemic requires a radical revision of our diet and lifestyle. Fortunately the services of a clinical nutritionist and hypnotherapist can be combined to make the transition to a healthy diet and lifestyle much easier. Hypnosis can help build motivation for exercise and can help strengthen our new diet choices. It can also help empty and heal the emotions that are stored in the colon. Combined with the latest in medical treatments, such methods offer far more promise for recovery than we could have hoped for 20 years ago.


Source by David Quigley


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