Most people who have ever wanted to and tried to lose weight would agree that it is probably one of the hardest things they’ve ever done. It takes lifestyle changes, willpower, and a lot of patience. How much you weigh is shaped by how much energy is taken in with your food and how much is burned with daily activities. If your weight stays pretty consistent, you are burning no more or no fewer calories than you eat. But if you are gaining weight, this usually means that you aren’t burning enough energy to compensate for the calories taken in each day.

For a good many people, fad diets, miracle diet pills, and starvation don’t usually work. Any weight lost is often gained right back. With that in mind, you may be looking for sensible ways to achieve quick weight loss without dieting. The most effective way to do this is to reduce your calorie intake by cutting back on what you eat each day, or increase the number of calories you burn by adding more exercise to your daily routine. Doing both of these things is always going to achieve even better results.

You may be thinking that you wanted to lose weight quickly and without dieting. Cutting back on how much you consume each day is not dieting; it is just developing healthy eating habits. When following this plan for weight loss, the safest and healthiest rate at which to lose weight is about 1-½ pounds a week. Doing the math, you’ll see that this is 6 pounds a month. Starvation diets will usually result in quick weight loss, but it’s virtually impossible to maintain. If you limit caloric intake to something as low as 1200 calories every day, your metabolism will eventually slow down, making it harder to drop the pounds. Losing weight at the recommended rate of 6 pounds a month is more likely to ensure that the weight will not return.

Again, adopting healthy eating habits does not involve going on any kind of regimented diet. If you restrict your intake of things like processed foods, white bread, pasta, foods with a lot of sugar and saturated fat, and alcohol you can be successful. Cutting just 500 calories a day from your diet can make all the difference.

Let’s not forget the exercise. No weight loss effort is going to work without exercise. Once you’ve made the effort to start eating better, ease your way into an exercise program. If exercise hasn’t been part of your life for a while, start slowly, but be consistent. Do something every day, even if it’s just a five or ten minute walk. Gradually increase the duration of your walking or exercise program that you have chosen. Once you’ve achieved that, start to up the intensity. Walk a little faster or lift those legs a little higher if you are doing an aerobic routine.

If you are looking for the best way to attain quick weight loss without dieting, these tips should give the best results.


Source by Klint Draper


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