Did you know that a full 14% of the Gross National Product in the United States is spent on health care? While traditional medicine certainly has its place, it is also important that we understand what nature has to offer us. The fact is that pharmaceutical companies have spent billions of dollars trying to understand and prevent chronic inflammation within the body. However, one of the best ways to do this is completely natural. There have been hundreds of clinical studies that have shown that taking Essential Fatty Acids like fish oil is one of the best ways to prevent inflammation in the body and in doing so prevent chronic disease. And, the health benefits do not stop there! Let's take a look at the fish oil benefits!

Reduce Heart Disease

Essential Fatty Acids are known to help prevent heart disease through lowering blood pressure and reducing the platelet adherence to the lining of your blood vessels. In addition to this, they help blood vessel vasodilatation. All of these things combine to help EFA's such fish oil supplements prevent ventricular arrhythmia. (This includes sudden cardiac death)

Stress Reduction

Omega 3 essential fatty acids are generally speaking important to your neurological function. Never is this as true as during times of stress. Evidence suggests that having sufficient levels of EFAs can enable your body to better cope with stress. They help to stabilize moods and may also help to keep cortisol at bay, according to Kevin Laugero PhD.

Fat Burning

Who does not want something that helps make it easier to shed excess weight? Some research suggests that EFAs such as fish oil may just do this. It would seem that they have the ability to turn on the genes that increase your body's ability to burn fat and turn off the ones that just want to store fat. And, best of all, all this happens while your heart and stress levels are being protected. There is also early evidence that indicates that EFAs may work to increase fat loss over and above what you can expect to have happen with diet and exercise alone.

If you have not added fish oil to your supplement routine, now is a great time to ask your doctor if taking fish oil supplements is right for you! Most experts agree that it is something that just about everyone can benefit from in one way or another!


Source by Wendy Polisi


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