When dieting is no more effective, many people start considering the various alternatives of liposuction. A good research is required for the domain of liposuction as it undergone a sea change and liposuction no longer a risky procedure as it used to be in the past. Today’s liposuction alternative involves minimal pain coupled with little side effects or recovery time. The credit goes to the newer and improved equipments and techniques used during the procedure, which are much advanced than the past method.

Off late, one of the most popular techniques of liposuction among patients and surgeons is Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance (VASER) Liposuction. The key factor that makes the VASER Liposuction so different from the traditional procedure is the use of ultrasonic sound waves to loosen up the flab accumulated in the body, which is the manifestation of the advancement of technology in the field of cosmetic surgery. This revolutionary VASER liposuction technology is beneficial in many ways in comparison to the traditional procedure. This specialize technique allows the surgeons to remove fat from the body with minimum risks and low impacts. Moreover, the procedure does not require general anesthesia. It implements local anesthesia to numb the skin during the procedure. Therefore, you need not have to worry about the additional risks involved in general anesthesia.

In the past methods of liposuctions, fairly large cannula were used to detach fat from its surrounding tissue structures and break it before suctioning chunks of it from the body. However, VASER Liposuction uses ultrasonic sound waves to liquefy the fat cells, making the work of the surgeon much easier to remove the fat from the body. All it requires is a thin suction tube.

The other advantages of VASER Lipo include:

• The ultrasonic energy used in VASER Lipo targets only fat cells, leaving blood vessels and other essential structures, hence, minimizing blood loss and strain.

• The improved technique of VASER lessens the post operative pain significantly.

• The time taken to recover is much less with VASER than the traditional procedure. No overnight stay is needed at the clinic and patients are allowed to return home shortly after the operation and can join work just after few days.

• VASER Lipo uses very tiny cannulas and so the incisions made on the skin are also very tiny. In most cases, over a period the scars from these incisions are barely visible.

All the above benefits of VASER have contributed to make it a wonderful liposuction alternative as compared to the traditional procedure.


Source by Amelia Aitken


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