Looking down there at those tiny white spots that appeared over night you may wonder what do genital warts look like. Would you die out of cancer or AIDS first, or could you get off with your penis falling off gracefully?

In this two-parted article I’ll describe the common signs and symptoms associated with genital warts and hopefully clear up some of the common misconceptions associated with condyloma disease.

Genital warts are the visible manifestations of Human Papilloma Virus infection. Not everyone, though, who is infected with HPV will develop warts on their genitals. It is estimated that 30% or more of the population is already infected with HPV yet only a small minority develops genital warts. If your immune system and genetics is up to par, the virus level wouldn’t exceed the threshold needed for wart formulation. Otherwise, genital warts will appear within 3 weeks to one year after infection. Let’s start with describing what do genital warts look like.

What do early symptoms of genital warts look like?

Even when you know what genital warts look like it’s not easy to identify them. Genital wart signs differ from person to person, and especially at the beginning, they may be similar to other skin conditions. What early symptoms of genital warts look like depends on the sexes as well. The female body is more prone to hide genital wart signs for long after infection. Even when warts appear, they tend to be smaller, more sporadic and more resistant to treatment.

Genital warts usually show up on the more moist areas of the skin as individual bumps or slight emergences. Early symptoms of genital warts look like other, more harmless skin conditions and may remain unnoticed for quite a long time. A well known test to check skin conditions for HPV is to drop acetic acid on them. If they turn white they are likely warts.

In men genital warts look like pink, red, brown or gray bumps. These small genital warts get replaced by more complex clusters as the condyloma disease develops and slowly propagates toward the anus and the opening of the penis. Clusters around the anus grow into hard, finger like protuberances, whereas those that appear on the top of penis usually remain soft and flat.

On women genital warts are usually smaller and more simple in appearance at the beginning. They start out as small, flesh colored lumps, or painless swellings growing around the vaginal opening. They are more sporadic and closer in color to the surrounding skin’s tone. They can even be so small that won’t be noticed without closer inspection. They may hide inside the vaginal canal, or the anal cavity or grow unnoticed on the cervix.

These internal warts, however, almost always accompanied by the appearance of external warts around the vagina as more obvious signs of HPV infection. If you can get some good quality pictures to compare your own symptoms with you should be left without doubt what do genital warts look like. Here you can find links to high quality pictures of genital warts with additional information about what do genital warts look like [http://www.nomorewart.com/what-do-early symptoms-of-genital-warts-look-like]

In the next part of my article I’ll examine the real and imagined dangers of genital warts, their connection with AIDS, cervical and other types of cancers.


Source by Henry Tordsen


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