Whenever people feel listless and run down, often they resort to eating more in the erroneous belief that more food will give them more energy. If only this was so. Instead they find that the additional calories bring them, not more energy, but they put on weight. This is why it is often recommended that they should seek natural energy supplements as an alternative. Questions arise about supplements though, such as what is in these supplements and how do they work? Granted not all of the following will be in all energy supplements, but being educated about them is important so that you locate the right ones for you.

  • Cayenne pepper . Often referred to by its Latin name, Capsicum fructescens it is a stimulating herb that is gotten from the dried pods found in chili peppers. Not only is it a stimulant, but it also helps circulation, and is used in the treatment of toothaches, headaches, sore throats, assorted chronic pain, heart disease and digestive disorders.
  • Bee pollen . Scientists today are still discovering additional new benefits from bee pollen, but it has often been used to help weight loss, bring forth skin rejuvenation, give you additional strength as well as increasing your endurance.
  • Ginseng . Ginseng is an herb found in Asia. Its Latin name is Panax ginseng. There are many benefits of ginseng such as helping sickness recovery, improving physical and mental performance, helping stamina, controlling blood pressure as well as blood glucose, and finally doing away with menopausal symptoms, and even helping in the treatment of erectile dysfunctions.
  • Vitamin B. The body needs vitamin B to attain healthy skin as well as musculature. It also promotes cell growth and enhancements your immune system. All of these factors lead to the person's feeling of well-being, thus giving them additional energy.
  • Ginger . Long used for aid digestive problems, it also reduces inflammation, stimulates circulation, cleanses both the kidneys as well as the bowels, increases perspiration, and in general is a tremendous boost to well being. It is also used by athletes to ease muscle spasms as well.

There are, of course many other general herbs and minerals found in various energy supplements, depending on what mixtures of herbs and minerals you desire. It is, however important that you should at least avail yourself of the knowledge of where the supplements come from and what they do for your body.


Source by Ru Cen


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