I’m not a Republican, I’m not a Democrat; I am, and have been for many years, an American Independent. For the record, I am a female, Christian, senior citizen.

Is it possible that politicians are being duplicitous, and are not interested in what American citizens want or need, what we hope for? Where do their interests lie?

I think there should be less friction, distrust, acrimony and anger among political parties. After all, they are representing the citizens of the United States. There is too much rancor and discord.

One politician who is my hero is Senator Jeff Sessions. I agree with his statement that “The World Has Turned Upside Down.” He has expressed reluctance to accept many of the actions among politicians. But he contends that, “the citizens of this country still hold the power and through their voice, they can turn the country right side again.”

I’m disappointed and sad over the breakneck speed at which America appears to be crumbling. I believe that our culture, freedom, religion, and traditions are at stake. Here are examples that trigger my discontent and concern for America.

There are suggestions that our deep-seated religious beliefs need to be changed, that perhaps there are cultural norms that are no longer acceptable. And that there is much unfinished business in the 21st century that needs attention.

Should it be acceptable for Public Service Announcements to suggest that children steal their parents’ gun, bring it to school and give it to the teacher? Supposedly, this serves to eliminate the presence of a gun in the household.

I find it very disturbing that illicit sexual activity among those who are in a position of trust and normally held to a higher standard are committing inexcusable acts.

Why should a young child be suspended from school for having her head shaved in support of her friend who has cancer? And why can a teen with cancer who has a poor attendance record at school no longer attend that school?

Teens and young adults who are big fans of social networks are being locked out because of expressing negative opinions of ‘important’ individuals.

When parents allow their children to walk around their neighborhood unaccompanied, should they be investigated and penalized?

Some university students were found to be spitting on a group of disabled veterans.

Employees have been fired from their news organizations for disparaging remarks concerning individuals that others find offensive.

More than two million Illegal Immigrants who may receive temporary amnesty would be eligible for Social Security, Medicare benefits, work permits, drivers’ licenses, plus special tax breaks. Some wonder if this is fair.

There is information to suggest that many of those who are in the country without proper certification are sending significant amounts of money back to their home countries annually. There are citizens who resent that and suggest it does nothing to help America’s economy.

There is much too much corruption, fraudulent activity, and heinous crimes that are occurring daily. Everyone becomes aware of it almost instantly with 24-hour cable news, the internet, and social media. There are protests, turmoil, lawlessness, and riots. Are the safety, support, and consideration of American citizens no longer priorities?

We are now a country divided; there are those who are opposed to the changing culture, what they consider to be the perverse interpretation of their long-held beliefs. How can we compromise when each is adamant as they espouse actions and conduct that is foreign to one another?

Have we become a nation who will follow in the footsteps of other great civilizations, and self-destruct?

We have always been considered an extraordinary and special country. If not, why would thousands risk life and limb, even death to try to reach these shores? And why would a few million wait in line to get here legally.

Often there appears to be preferential treatment for some groups in our high schools and universities that angers many of us. It has to do with the touchy subject of religion that has seen many changes in attitudes during the past few years. That treatment doesn’t seem to always be in compliance with direct rulings from our Supreme Court.

We have had a long history of reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in our schools. Many schools have now discontinued that practice. And others have altered the original wording of that Pledge. Is that really necessary?

Since our Flag became a national symbol, it has represented the fact that we are a new nation, the greatest constitutional republic the world has ever known, that we are free, that we are all equal, that we are courageous, that we are humane, caring and giving human beings. As Abraham Lincoln said in his Gettysburg Address speech in 1863, “A government of the people, by the people, for the people.”

Now we see our flag defiled, stamped upon, spit upon, and torn apart. The offenders are usually subjected to no consequences, unless a patriotic individual decides to try and stop them.

Are we no longer considered to be a Christian nation? Statements from various sources indicate that religion is passé, that it interferes with the agenda of those who lack religious beliefs. What has happened to ‘majority rules’? At last count, 83 percent of American adults identified with Christianity.

We’ve had so many instances of dissension, anger and hate among various groups who feel disenfranchised, unwelcome and without influence to change matters. Of course, most of us recognize that prejudice and racism still exists in America. But many of us believe that efforts are being made to correct those wrongs.

The legitimacy of same-sex marriage is an issue that is presently being considered by the Supreme Court. What their decision will be can impact all our lives. What will happen if one or the other side wins?

Many people feel that their religion prohibits them from accepting same-sex marriage as normal. They believe that marriage between a man and a woman is an edict from God, and they cannot agree to anything less.

Do we have a right, an option to openly oppose any agenda from individuals whose beliefs and convictions differ from ours? Should those who oppose be attacked, either verbally or physically?

Is it possible that in the future we will see brothers marrying sisters, fathers marrying daughters, individuals marrying multiple partners (polygamy)?

Why not? Already, we’re becoming gender-neutral. Some businesses and schools are declaring bathrooms to be for both male and female; come one, come all. No doubt others will soon follow.

The prefixes, Mr., Ms., and Mrs., which in the past have been used to represent our gender identity, appear to be going by the wayside. There are those who find it unnecessary, not politically correct.

Are we obliged to accept the morals, values, ethics that have eroded to the point that even the most bizarre, obscene, indecent, and depraved conduct is becoming the norm.

My hopes and prayers are that I will not live long enough to see further decline, decay, decadence, and perversion of what once could be described as the greatest country on earth.


Source by Pat Estelle


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