Diabetes can occur in two ways. One is through hereditary. People with diabetes in their first degree relatives are more prone to this disorder than other people. Even if it has not surfaced in them, it would be advisable for them to contact a physician who can with tests rule out any disposition towards the disease, or can prescribe routines or medication which prevent the onsent of the disease. This is known generally as Type I Diabetes.

Type II diabetes is however a different matter. It can occur to any one. None is invulnerable to it. Having said this it is necessary to examine who are likely to be the victims of this Type II diabetic condition?

There is growing evidence that people who are obese are more prone to Type II disease. Studies have indicated this factor as one significant one. People whose intake of foods high in sugar and carbohydrates and low in nutrients are ones most at risk. Indeed, obesity has assumed alarming proportions in USA and other countries. A question generally asked however, is how come those in other countries are obese, but do not get diabetes.

This question is partially answered by the second way of preventing this disease. People in other countries, and in US as well, who perform labor or laborious work are less at risk, since they are burning off the excessive carbohydrates in the body. Those who have sedentary lifestyle without any physical labor involved are more at risk.

So if you want to avoid diabetes, and lead a sedentary lifestyle, reduce your weight first. You can do this in a number of ways. Eat more of fresh food than junk food like burgers. Eat more food which is full of nutrients such as fish, less of red meat, more of poultry foods, which give you more nutrients than fat or carbohydrates. Use fried food sparingly. If you have to fry, then use lesser oil or lighter oils than the ones you use for frying your good. When buying the cooking oil, look at the label, it will show you the level of polyunsaturated oils.

Another way how to prevent obesity and diabetes is to increase your physical labor. Exercise. Exercising regularly helps the body to burn off the excess energy that is stored in the form of carbohydrates, and also helps reduce the sugar, which is energy for the body, levels. Make it a habit to exercise. Exercise not only reduces your weight, it improves your overall body fitness. Find out what should be your ideal weight, which is based on your height age, waist size etc. This is known as the Body Mass Index. A number of these are around everywhere: you can check there, or, your physician is always there.

Intake of excessive sugar is not a way of getting diabetes; While it is good to reduce your sugar intake, not eliminate it, remember that carbohydrates and fats are the key figures in diabetes.

Therefore to forestall your chances of getting Type II diabetes is to reduce your weight if you are overweight, exercise every day, and stay away from fried food, junk foods, and go in for healthy foods such as vegetables, lean meat, like poultry food, and less of red meats, as much as you can.


Source by Abhishek Agarwal


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