Obesity epidemics is spreading fast. This is not a surprising fast since people are living in urban cities and western civilizations are influencing whole world. More and more fast food restaurants are open in the world. People live stressful lives and they are spending less and less time on exercise.

Research has shown that the country with the highest percentage of overweight people is Nauru, where almost 95% of people older than 15 years are overweight. There are some Asian countries that follow, USA is on the 9th place with 74% of overweight people. People are living in the cities away from their roots and traditional way of eating. They consume more and more processed food. Processed food has high calories value. People used to work on the fields and exercise but in present time more and more people are sitting.

WHO reported that there is currently 1,6 billion overweight people in the world. Future projections predict 40% increase of overweight people in the next ten years.

One of the studies which lasted almost thirty years and included 4000 people has shown that in the future there every 9 of 10 men and every 7 of 10 women will be overweight.Even those people who had not gained weight in middle ages, were not safe from being overweight in the future.

Studies participants where white people in ages between 30 and 59 years. Scientist examined them every four years. Study has shown that in average 6 out of 10 people are overweight. Border for being overweight was defined with BMI over 30.

Based on calculations average life expectancy should decrease from current 77 years to 72 years. This is because of obesity problems which brings higher mortality rate. Obesity is number one cause for numerous diseases.

We should educated young generations about food and healthy way of living in order to stop this problem. There is no evidence yet that the things are turning for the better.


Source by Jesse Waylon


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