Diabetes Mellitus can be categorized as a metabolic disorder and by metabolism We mean that the way our bodies digest food in order to attain energy and growth. When we consume anything, the food items are broken down to glucose, which is a form of normal sugar found in our blood cells and also the main source of energy in our body. So, as the food gets digested, glucose enters our bloodstream with the help of insulin present in our body.

Now let us know what is type-2 diabetes. This is a type of diabetes where the body stops producing insulin or produces less insulin or stops responding to insulin and as a result the blood cells are not able to take the glucose required for energy and growth. As a result, a high amount of glucose builds up and is historically excreted through urine. So, even though the body is producing glucose, the cells are not able to create the essential energy required for proper functioning.

Here are a few important facts about diabetes that you should definitely know:

• It is a very long term disease and best cured when you lead an herbal life.

• According to a study conducted in 2014 there are over 387 million people around the world suffering from diabetes.

• Of the 387 million people, 90% of people are suffering from type-2 diabetes.

• India is known as the diabetic capital with an estimated 40 million people suffering from it.

• Type 2 diabetes may not show any symptoms until late when the disease has already spread.

• There is a type of diabetes called Gestational diabetes, which appears to a woman during pregnancy and disappears once delivery is done.

• The most common symptoms are acute thirst and hunger, frequent urination, fatigue, male sexual dysfunction, weight loss and unusual delay in healing of cuts and bruises.

• Following a strict diet plan and doing adequate exercises can help one lead a normal life.

• Regular blood sugar checks up and being physically active is another key to keeping the disease at bay.

• Smoking is highly dangerous as it may affect your cardiovascular health.

• People with diabetes have a higher risk of having heart disease than a non-diabetic person.

• Intake of artificial sweeteners like Stevia or Honey Omega helps one in leading a healthy life ahead.

• Every year, 3.2 million people in the world die because of diabetes, which means that it causes 6 deaths every minute.

• The main reason for kidney failure is because of diabetes along with blindness, cataract and stroke.


Source by Ukshaa Gogoi


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