Irvinagia Gabonensis is a tree that commonly grows in South Africa. The fruit on the tree is much like mangos and consumed regularly as a food. Extract from the seeds of the fruit, in recent years, has been used for medicinal purposes with great success. Other names for Irvingia Gabonensis can include:

  • African Mango
  • Agbono
  • Bread Tree
  • Bush Mango

In addition to these names, the tree is also commonly referred to as Irvingia and Kaka.

Besides eating the fruit from this tree as food, irvingia gabonensis mango extract has been proven to have medical benefits associated with it. People with high cholesterol have successfully reduced their bad cholesterol levels by regularly consuming African mango seed extract. It has also been show to increase good cholesterol. In addition, the extract from the fruit seeds has also helped overweight people to achieve a healthier weight and maintain it.

Studies have conclusively shown that natural diet products that contain mango seed extract can help reduce body fat considerably. Finally, people use irvingia gabonensis fruit seed extract in order to help them control diabetes. The fruit from these trees has been proven in studies to have many medicinal properties to assist with treating many health related issues.

The side effects associated with medical products containing mango seed extract are very few. While there is not enough evidence to deem them safe for pregnant or nursing women, studies have concluded that it is safe for everyone else. What is the likelihood of over dosing on mango extract? It is highly unlikely to impossible. Extended use of products containing bush mango seed extract can cause flatulence, headaches, or sleep problems. However, these side effects are very rare. Most people who use these products experience no negative side effects at all.

As a matter of fact, a recent weight loss study was conducted using 120 participants. They were divided into two groups, and followed the same diet and exercise programs for ten weeks. One group was given the extract regularly, while the other group was not. At the end of the ten week study, the group who was given the extract lost up to three times the amount of body fat as the group who was not given the extract. In addition, the group given the extract had lower bad cholesterol levels at the end of the study. It has been proven that mango extract does have medicinal properties that help with different issues including obesity.

New natural health products surface every day making it hard to determine which products will truly work and which ones will not. With literally hundreds of natural products on the store shelf, it can be hard to choose one. Studies have proven conclusively that irvingia gabonensis can help improve many health related issues including obesity and diabetes. However, natural products should never be used in lieu of seeing a doctor. If you are suffering with an issue and you think mango extract could help, you should seek the advice of your doctor.


Source by James Wissink


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