Food is becoming a source of hatred for many people. They think of it as being the enemy. We eat food that tastes good and satisfies us at the moment; then we hate how it makes us look and feel. But it is not the food we should hate. It is the decisions we make regarding food and our attitude towards food that needs a makeover.

We need to think about the way we view food. If food is what we use to satisfy an emotional need, then we should sort through our thought process. The “right” mindset can make eating an enjoyable experience without guilt. We just need to be mindful of…

  • what we eat, and
  • how much we consume.

Overconsumption of the “wrong” foods can lead to severe chronic health conditions such as obesity and Type 2 diabetes. Mindful eating has the potential to teach us how to overcome these diseases by opening up the connection we have with ourselves. Emotions such as anger and sadness provoke eating: this type of emotional based eating is harmful both to our waistline as well to our mental health…

  • be clear about your intentions for eating.
  • make sure you are focused on determining whether or not you are hungry before you eat.

Think about what the “enemy” at the time is. It could be someone ruined your day, but this does not mean you have to let it ruin your relationship with food. Figure out a way to deal with this emotion or at least clear your head long enough to enjoy a meal without worrying about anything else.

Emotional eating does nothing but increase the intensity of your problems…

  • the right foods and the right amount will make you feel good.
  • so will a connection with yourself.

The mind and body go hand-in-hand. Use your mind to control and calm down your body…

  • use breathing techniques,
  • go for a short walk, or
  • step outside to get some fresh air.

Whatever you do, make sure you are aware the food you eat will either add to your situation or take away from it. If you are feeling bad, remember food will not cheer you up.

If you are having trouble easing your troubles, be mindful enough to take the option of food off your plate knowing you will feel guilty after eating a particular food for the wrong reason. Or tell yourself you will spend a few minutes mentally connecting with yourself before deciding to eat. If you are hungry, eat. But be aware of every bite and every emotion you feel while eating. Doing this will help you realize food is not the enemy. It is an opportunity to compliment and establish a healthy relationship with your inner thoughts and actions.


Source by Beverleigh H Piepers


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