The December 2009 issue of the journal Nature Chemical Biology reveals the role of green tea in preventing and treating brain disorders, such as Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s and Parkinson’s diseases. Green tea contains a component called EGCG that helps in dealing with these chronic disorders. Herbal nutritional supplements have been used since centuries as a preventive and curative measure for diseases. However, the recent surge in popularity of Ayurvedic medicines and supplements is due to an increased awareness of the benefits of holistic healing.

Herbal Nutritional Supplements: Maintaining Health and Harmony

Ayurvedic medicinal science believes that diseases result from physical, mental, spiritual and environmental imbalance. Herbal nutritional supplements aid in restoring balance and rejuvenating the body, allowing it to cure itself of all ailments holistically. Herbal supplements aid in:

* Proper functioning of all the five senses

* Maintaining optimal weight for specific body types

* Developing appetite for healthy foods

* Proper digestion

* Normal urine excretion and intestinal gas release

* Regular bowel movements

* Healthy sleep patterns

* Maintaining physical strength and healthy skin complexion

* Proper functioning of the nervous system

Some Herbal Nutritional Supplements

According to Ayurveda, optimal health can be attained through assessing one’s unique dosha combination. This involves analyzing how one’s body survives, functions and responds to the environment around. Bodily functions can be improved with some effective herbal nutritional supplements. Here are some popular supplements offered online:

Trimme – This is a powerful all-natural supplement, scientifically formulated to help rapid weight loss. It works in two phases: first attacking and burning fats at a cellular level and in the second phase, breaking down lipids and removing them as waste.

Klaense – This supplement is very effective in gently detoxifying the liver, kidneys and intestines without any side-effects.

Uth – This super antioxidant is made from Indian Tinospora, one of the most powerful anti-aging food products in the world.

Swole – A harmonious blend of Tribulus, Velvet Bean, Asparagus Adscendens, Mineral Pitch, Nutmeg and the proprietary Bhasma Blend, Swole helps in restoring and maintaining sexual drive in men. These are some of the most potent and the finest naturally occurring male enhancement ingredients.

Flud – This supplement contains Tribulus, Velvet Bean, Ashwagandha, Asparagus Adscendens, Tin, Mineral Pitch and Nutmeg, which help maintain a healthy estrogenic level, improve blood flow and neurological signals in the female body.


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