The growing Obesity epidemic puts us in an extremely serious position. We have developed a general lifestyle that has become entrenched as it continues to be encouraged by misinformation and untruths. Our present lifestyle leads us to morbid obesity, type2 diabetes, heart disease colon and bowel cancer. These are all fatal diseases. Today they are all at an all-time high.

Forty years ago we completely changed our lifestyle. Why? We were tricked by a fake cholesterol scare campaign that caused millions of people to get tested. The test method was incorrect and slim healthy people were put on a diet. The diet was a simple reversal of our trusted traditional diet. It became known as the pyramid diet.

Consequentially millions of people became carbohydrates addicts and began to get fat. What about the fake test results? It took around thirty years for them to be corrected.

Children follow their parent's lifestyle. They eventually, pass that lifestyle on to their own children. That explains why this horrible addiction continues to grow. Yet, most people do not even know they have it. Four decades have turned it into a generational problem.

Why is being obese such a bad thing? After all, many people suggest this can still be a healthy lifestyle. Some people just love food. Smokers love tobacco, drinkers love alcohol and carbohydrates addicts can barely stop eating. These are not symptoms of love this is addiction – pure and simple!

Of those who have a persistent weight problem, there is an 80% chance you'll be obese by 2020. If you already have obese you will likely be morbidly obese before then. That means you'll become an invalid and your life will be very short.

Am I being analarmist? Take a good look around. The majority of people today are already overweight. Most are obese. Cast your mind back ten years and try to remember the number of people you noticed were obese then. Ten years before that, the vast majority of people were still slim. Food for thought do not you think?

If you are already obese, and you have children, you need to examine the child obesity statistics. The first thing you will notice is that child obesity statistics did not even exist till the end of the nineties. What we see is an escalation of obesity in children and adults. The beginning of obesity takes us right back to a time when the majority of people were still slim. Just before cholesterol and diet became an issue.

For centuries our traditional diet evolved right along with us. Changes we made over the centuries and new foods were added. But it happened gradually, in small increments over long periods of time. Not till the early eighties did large numbers of people change their diet completely.

Of course people did not realize that the new modern Pyramid diet was a simple reversal of the old diet. They were too busy trying new ways of eating. Not a single person spoke up for our body, to ask if the huge change of food was safe. Evidence speaks volumes that it was not.

To this day, no research had been done on any diet – ever. In fact none of the people who have been responsible for all our diets, are qualified to do actual research, or run trials. Obviously, the Pyramid diet was also not tested to prove it to be a cholesterol reducing diet. It was not. It was nothing but a farce. But it went on to affect the lives of millions of people and cost the life of many.

This is where a note of urgency creeps in. You children take their diet from you. Today most children are fed a diet of extremely high carbohydrates. They start the day with cereal, bread and snack foods for lunch. For dinner, there are too many vegetables, too much bread and fruit and too many desserts.

That means they are not getting sufficient protein. Protein is often referred to as the building blocks of life. They are responsible for the healthy growth of organs, bones, skin muscles and tissue. Without protein we are dead! With too little protein our kids grow fat and listless.

Yet people who call themselves experts, and guide our diet with great finesse do not seem to know that. They actually choke on the word protein. Some even advice against it. You see, the protein diet nature chosen for us would put these experts out of business. Cereal and snack food manufacturers would soon join them. There is no protein in cereal, vegetable or fruit. No matter what these people tell you. Remember, they are there to build their lives, not your health.

All carbohydrates can do is provide fuel / glucose to burn for energy. Children will not have much energy to burn without an adequate amount of protein. Any carbohydrate / fuel that is not burned for energy is converted to body fat. That's the fat that sits snugly on your body and is so hard to shift.

What this all means is that most people today are on the wrong diet. They have become addicted to carbohydrates and they are on a course of inevitable obesity. Carbohydrate does not possess a health value. Be aware that every carbs food you eat, and do not use for fuel, becomes fat on your body.

Carbohydrate = body fat and body fat has nothing to do with the fat you put in your mouth. (That's another myth). The threat of obesity is proved by obesity statistics, and the fact that we already have an obesity epidemic. The threat of type2 diabetes is proved by the fact that the medical profession has issued several warnings of an infectious epidemic of type2 diabetes.

The most alarming statistics of all are those show type2 diabetes and morbid obesity already affects our children. These diseases are none of us had heard of just 20 years ago.

The obesity epidemic may be unstoppable, but you can prevent it, even reverse it, in your own family. Let me teach you how.


Source by Kirsten Plotkin


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