If you have muscle injuries, trauma or strains, trigger points will develop. These problems could bring about several forms of pain such as lower back pain, headaches, tennis elbow, jaw and neck pain. At times, they can also trigger pain in the knee, ankle, wrist, hip and shoulder joints yet individuals occasionally mistake these for ligament injuries, arthritis, bursitis or tendinitis.

Trigger points can also lead to other indirect conditions like dizziness, earaches, sinusitis, heartburn, nausea, genital pain, false heart attack, heart arrhythmia and numbness of feet and hands. Luckily, the symptoms brought on by these have predictable patterns. As soon as you have figured out where to check, it is possible to find and deactivate by using self-massage techniques.

When massaging, your tissue is going to be purged and any developed sarcomeres can be discharged. Massage therapy is easily the most natural, safest and effective method to directly manage the trigger point. Theracane Massager is designed to help persons apply self-massage techniques to shoulders, back, neck, legs, arms and more. This enables an individual to rub hard-to-reach spots using strong pressure, while standing, sitting or even in an inclined position.

The massager enables you to relieve tenderness, stiffness, soreness and muscular tension. You can easily carry out self-massage by applying direct deep pressure to anyplace trigger points manifest. This leads to stress break-up in the muscle tissue between your shoulder blades, which is generally difficult to grasp.

Theracane Massager provides individuals with minimal mobility or strength all the leverage and reach that is needed. Once you feel any pain, you should understand where to find it, especially the ones in between your shoulder blades.

As a result of habitually stretching your muscles, this will help you to find the spots on your own. Many muscles and trigger points are generally combined. For example, a spot on your left side includes a related spot on your right. The most tender points for these spots will be the same side with the pain, therefore applying pressure on the will provide the most comfort. But, it is best to pay the same attention to each spots on both sides to give your body the most beneficial results.

Source by Colin Scott


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