As another mother, beer-drinker, or probably any other person would attest – one of the hardest places to lose weight in is the belly. Even if one is on a diet, belly fat doesn’t really go away that easily. But ab crunches and smaller meal portions aside, there is actually a way to trim tummy fat that isn’t as strenuous ab-intensive exercises or as expensive as cosmetic surgery.

A smoothie diet is a great weight loss solution but this liquid diet weight loss program can also be used to specifically bust belly fat. Here are two smoothie diet weight loss solutions you can try to get rid of your gut.

Pure Smoothie Diet for 3 Days

Starving yourself just to lose weight isn’t healthy so a liquid diet weight loss regimen is a good way to cut the calories but still get the nutrition you need, especially from fruit or vegetable smoothies.

If you want to lose weight (and your belly) fast, consume nothing but smoothies and water for 3 days. But take note, some smoothies especially those from restaurants still contain a lot of calories so a homemade smoothie diet is still the best solution.

Make sure your smoothies are made from fresh and organic fruit and vegetables. Keep your fruit and vegetable selections as colorful as possible – peaches, bananas, cucumber, and spinach are good smoothie diet options.

However, since you can’t consume solid food for up to 3 days, make sure you take up to 16 helpings of fruit and vegetable smoothies a day as well as 16 glasses of water or more.

Just make sure you don’t stay on this smoothie diet beyond the 3 days or take fruit or vegetable juice as a substitute – it isn’t healthy to just live on smoothies and water. This is a great liquid diet weight loss solution that can help you get rid of belly fat but you still have to eat solid food to be fit and healthy.

Belly-Busting Smoothie Diet Ingredients

Now being on a liquid diet (and eating solid food) isn’t enough to facilitate weight loss, much less get rid of your gut.

There are some ingredients you can incorporate into your smoothie diet to improve your liquid diet weight loss. Here are some of them:

  • Protein. Add milk, yogurt, and whey or protein powder into your smoothie because protein is essential for weight loss. This would help you feel fuller as well and keep you from eating more than you need.
  • Fiber. Fiber rich food such as oatmeal, nuts, fruits, flax seed, and wheat germ can improve bowel movement, prevent constipation, and a bloated belly. Apple skins, oranges, and vegetables are a great source of fiber.
  • Calcium. Studies show that calcium-rich food like low-fat or non-fat cheese or milk can reduce a person’s risk for obesity and heart disease.

To optimize this liquid diet, avoid artificial sweeteners like white sugar, honey, brown sugar, or even maple syrup. These just add unnecessary calories with little nutritional value. Fresh fruits are natural sugar sources so use these instead in your weight loss diet.

Source by Kim Bermudez


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