Apple cider vinegar is popular enough among a large circle of people who have faith in natural home cures. They want to choose this because apple cider vinegar has been proven to be one among the most effective natural home remedies to cure toenail fungus. However, there are people who do not support the treatment of toenail fungus when compared with other treatment options. Here you have two contra opinions. Just proceed!

Apple Cider Vinegar can cure toenail fungus:

People who have mild level of nail infection have proven that apple cider vinegar works well. Another plus for their claim is their choice at initial level of nail infection. Another thing is the easy availability of vinegar that makes them satisfied with what they have achieved to cure infection. They have found that it could prevent further spread of the infection in the toenail or fingernail. One more thing to give supportive statement is the low price when compared with other home cure samples.

Apple Cider Vinegar cannot cure toenail infection:

Here it is differently argued on genuineness of apple cider vinegar. People who have used vinegar with no hope for curing fungal infection get into tom-tom propaganda that one cannot get chance to cure infected toenail. They claim that this home medicine is not potent to cure fungal nail as anticipated with fast action. They claim that vinegar cannot kill bacteria of all types. Vinegar is claimed with limitation that it cannot assure a total knock out of the fungal spread. The vinegar needs to be mixed with hydrogen peroxide which means vinegar cannot fight toenail fungus all alone. The antagonists divert their faith to negative ends saying that apple cider vinegar is best for severe acne cases and not suited for toenail fungus removal.

What is your choice?:

Now you are free to analyze if the aforementioned home treatment with vinegar suits you or not. It’s with you to decide the safety choice with vinegar or with someone else to cure toenail infection.

Whatever may be your attitude towards the working of apple cider vinegar, you ought to know certain precautions when choosing this option:

• Use diluted vinegar for mild infection and undiluted form for severe attack

• Undiluted vinegar can cause irritation on your skin and sometimes burns too.

• The application should be for a few minutes only, say for 10 minutes.

• Wash it later with cold water and keep dry using a soft cloth.

• Apply vinegar exactly on the infected nail area without spreading to close skin.

Source by Varadharajan R


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