Even though through this article I refer to "constant ringing letters"; tinnitus means any sound that you experience regularly (in one or both ears) that does not have an outside source. Regularly constant ringing letters is caused by damage directly linked to sustained exposure to deafening noise or music.

Tip one: Make an appointment with a GP to eliminate any of these medical conditions that could cause tinnitus: ear infection, allergies, sinusitis, fluid in the ear, diabetes, ear wax build-up, blood pressure problems (too high or too low ), thyroid issues, head or neck injury, age-related hearing loss.

The major fear when you have only one incessantly ringing ear is that it might be taken about by a tumor or an aneurysm. Although this is a rare reason for constant ringing ears it is essential to exclude it, prior to doing anything else.

Tip two: The American Tinnitus Association that suggests that you school yourself about your condition from highly regarded sources.

Tip three: As you chat to your GP regarding your condition, ensure you discuss with him all the medications you might be taking. It's an accepted fact that tinnitus may be caused by medication (for example large quantities of aspirin)

Tip four: When your medical practitioner has told you that your constant ringing letters is idiopathic (which means they do not know what the reason is) do not give up hope. You are not on your own. There are millions of tinnitus sufferers globally (according to the American Tinnitus Association); and a few of them have discovered a cure for this annoying condition!

Tip five: Constant ringing ears can make you so anxious that you'll do whatever it takes in the hope of reply. Don not be fooled by fancy ads! Regrettably there are people out there that prey on other people's distress and tinnitus "cures" are big business!

Tip six: Remember that stress and alcohol can make it worse. Be nice to yourself and keep away from alcohol as much as possible as it is able to make the constant ringing ears worse.

Tip seven: Several people obtain certain respect from this annoying condition by means of "masking CDs" (CDs of calming background noise to distract themselves from the tinnitus)

Tip eight: I have put aside the best for last. If you wish to eliminate your constant ringing ears (tinnitus) permanently, follow the advice of an ex tinnitus sufferer.

Source by Jay Ambrose


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