Believe it or not, eating too many sweets as a youngster or eating foods that your parents tell you are bad for you is not one of the causes of diabetes. Typically, diabetes causes are more genetic in nature. It is a well known and scientifically proven fact that diabetes is a genetic condition that runs through family lines.

Type 1 diabetes is caused when the pancreas does not create sufficient amounts of the hormone insulin to help the body break down specific things in the blood stream. There are many reasons that the pancreas may not create insulin. Some of the most common reasons are infection from a specific virus or bacterial infection, exposure as a young child to a specific antigen found in cows milk and other early childhood autoimmune reactions.

These have not been clinically proven but they are the most popular theories in the scientific community. Type 2 diabetes is believed to occur when the body does not react to insulin the way that it is designed to.

The insulin that is being created by the body may not be genetically proper and thus does not do its job. It is also believed that by introduction to specific overproduction of insulin, the body does not process it properly, as well.

There are certain risk factors involved with diabetes that include obesity, aging, pregnancy and many illnesses that affect the pancreas, including pancreatic cancer. Many people attribute many triggers to the onset of either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes as actual causes for the disease and this simply is not the case.

Stress, overeating, eating too many of the wrong foods such as sweets and drinking too much alcohol which is known to be full of sugar are not actual causes for the disease. They are, however triggers that can either alert one to their diabetes in the first place or in cases where an individual knows they have diabetes, will make their diabetes flare up. Scientists continue to look for diabetes causes and will not stop until they have found a cure.

Source by Bud Adrian


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