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Everyone knows that “Eating Less and Exercising More” is the only way to lose weight. The only problem is, that for 95% of people who diet and exercise, this strategy fails miserably. That’s because the cause of overweight is not eating: that’s only the symptom. Dieting to lose weight is like removing the glowing “check engine light” in your car, instead of investigating what’s wrong with the motor.
What IF…. The entire concept of dieting is flawed? Being over-weight is just a symptom of a different problem, that you alone can reverse!
Why is it your friend can eat all she wants – cake, ice-cream, chocolate, carbs and the rest of the food you love but avoid, and SHE doesn’t gain weight? Why do you lose weight and then yo-yo back up to past your original weight?
It’s not so much what you’re eating, but what’s eating you. Think about what started you on the path to overweight. The majority of overweight people had a stressful event that precipitated their weight gain. So why would dieting be the solution to get rid of excess weight? It won’t! Dealing with the cause is the way to permanently end your “losing battle” and make peace with your body and food.
This book gives an alternative view to starving, frustrated and depressed dieters who have allowed the Diet Industry to hold them responsible for gaining and re-gaining weight. Stop, blaming yourself because of your inability to maintain weight loss. Learn the key to release yourself from your self-imposed diet prison!


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