Prostate cancer, or the malignant tumor involving the prostate glands, is a disease that can adversely affect the patient’s everyday life. Like any other serious health concerns, this type of cancer can pose risks to the physical being and can affect the other aspects of a person’s life. Thankfully, doctors can now treat prostate cancer thanks to advances in medical techniques and enabling technologies.

Prostatectomy, or the surgical removal of the prostate gland parts, is a vital part of the entire battle against this cancer. Through this, the cancer cells growing on the male organ can be eliminated and threats can somehow be minimized. Nevertheless, this surgical operation has two wicked twins – incontinence and impotence – that patients and their respective families should learn how to manage properly to avoid inconvenience and tackle depression.

It cannot be denied that having bladder problems is a major dilemma affecting the physicality, as well as other life facets of a person including emotional, psychological, social, and professional aspects. That is why between incontinence and impotence, the former is a graver conundrum for men. Impotence or the lack of strength to sustain erection is a concern that just breeds deep melancholy, while incontinence often becomes an object of shame, frustration, and insults.

Fortunately, this problem is no longer unmanageable like it used to be. Before, patients recovering from prostatectomy need to carry catheters for the rest of their lives, or stay at home to prevent the struggling against their uncontrollable bladders. Now, that setup has changed with the help of pad products such as Tena for MEN.

Tena for MEN are designed especially for bladder weakness that comes after a prostate cancer operation, but unlike other adult diaper variants, this product has an innovative anatomical design that can grant patients with greater comfort after they have removed their catheters. In addition, the snug fit can allow male patients to walk confidently outdoors since there are no noticeable pad bulks.

Apart from that, these male pads are equipped with an adhesive strip that can be easily worn with regular close-fitting underwear and a ph-balance surface to help control odor. With that, male patients can be given ease as they recuperate from the operation, and they can be presented with confidence that they can use to face the other phases of the cancer medication. Above all, these diapers and other variants such as Tena overnight pads can be purchased effortlessly through online resellers; hence, patients and their families can have a quick and easy access to these helpful products.

Source by Loralee R Dulany


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