Why should it be so hard to get rid of acne? In fact it is not. Most people are sick and tired of using all kinds of useless creams and lotions that do not give many results if any at all. You have probably fell into believing all the commercials and infomercial on acne medicines and lotions that are available on the market right now. However, here's what you should know about getting rid of acne – Most of these products do not work!

The root cause of acne is mainly hereditary or your metabolism is not working properly. Another reason why you have acne is because of your improper eating habits. My point is that if you are going to use medications or lotions to get rid of acne it might be a temporary remedy but it will not treat the root cause. No matter if you're 12 or 40 years old; zits, pimples and blackheads will be back in just a matter of weeks and in some cases they can hit even worse than before.

I have been affected by acne for pretty much all my teenage years and finally managed to get completely clear a few months ago. Below are some of the steps I followed to get the tone and clear face that I have always wanted.

1) Learn what supplements work for you

As any other skin disorder, acne is no different. There are certain products that will just not work for you as they do for someone else. There are certain acne supplements in the market that have proved to give results on the long run. One of these supplements is called Spirulina that has proved to have the highest properties in treating acne. No matter what your life-style is or what diet you are on, Spirulina can do wonders for you and I highly recommend it for all patients that suffer from acne.

2) Avoid over washing your face and body

Everyone knows that water is important for our bodies to keep ourselves hydrated at all times especially when suffering from acne. However over washing is not recommended in acne. When you wash your face your skin dries too much which in turn produces more sebum oil which will make your acne spread even more. It's recommended that you take no more than one shower every day and wash your face with a mild, non-oily soap or face wash, maximum three times and that should be just enough.

3) Diet and acne are related

Even if it's hard to believe your diet plays an important role when dealing with acne. Many people claim that diet has nothing to do with acne and they sure do not know what they're talking about. Dermatologists and pharmacies worldwide will never discriminate or talk much about the natural ways to cure acne, and the reason is because they will do nothing but affect their sales. They have no interest to give you information about getting rid of acne naturally.

Vitamin A and C have proven to have the highest properties to treat any type of skin disease so that they are very effective in the battle with acne. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables that contain high levels of vitamin A and C. Oranges, Grapefruits, Limes, Mandarins all contain vitamin C and you should consider them in your diet. Apart from these eat at least 2 raw carrots daily to get enough vitamin A that you body needs to regenerate affected skin tissues and get rid of acne.

Source by Alexandru Matei


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