LUNG cancer risk could increase among certain men who take high doses of vitamin B supplements, experts have claimed.

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The paper describes the case of a 69-year-old man with non-small-cell lung cancer who, owing to a mistake, received intravenously 500 mg of vinorelbine. Within 3 days of intoxication, the bone marrow of the patient was damaged with subsequent pancytopenia that did not respond to treatment. On the fifth day after the poisoning, features of intestinal obstruction appeared. The patient died on the sixth day after the drug overdose. The case presented by us constitutes the first description of a fatal iatrogenic poisoning with this drug.

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Lung cancer is a major health concern worldwide, but new immunotherapeutic treatments for lung cancer have shown great promise and the prognosis for many severe cancers including lung cancer has been improving. In May 2017, the Food and Drug Administration approved pembrolizumab, a therapeutic antibody that blocks lymphocytic programmed death-1 (PD-1), as a first-line treatment for any solid tumor with specific genetic features. Pembrolizumab is a therapeutic antibody that blocks lymphocytic PD-1, the ligand of which (PD-L1) is expressed on tumor cells and which can prevent the immune system from recognizing and destroying…

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Navigating the Complexities of Molecular Testing for EGFR Mutations to Guide Treatment Selection in Lung Cancer: Evidence, Practicalities, and Implications for Pathologists

Authors: Sedney CL, Khan U, Dekeseredy P
CONTEXT: Medicaid has been linked to worse outcomes in a variety of diagnoses such as lung cancer, uterine cancer, and cardiac valve procedures. It has furthermore been linked to the reduced health-related quality of life outcomes after traumatic injuries when compared to other insurance groups. In spinal cord injury (SCI), the care provided in the subacute setting may vary based upon payor status, which may have implications on outcomes and cost of care.
DESIGN: A retrospective review utilizing the institutional trauma databank was performed for all adult patie…

ConclusionsTP was more sensitive than FS in detecting mediastinal lymph node metastases. The technical difficulty of obtaining full-thickness sections without creating significant artifact may contribute to the lower sensitivity of FS in detecting micro-metastases.

This study aimed to identify genes associated with MDR development that predict tumor response to chemotherapy in NSCLC. In the present study, a multidrug-resistant NSCLC cell sub-line, A549/MDR, was established from the A549/DDP cell line and characterized. The resistance index (RI) of this subline was calculated according to the IC50 of A549/MDR relative to the parental A549/DDP cells. The gene expression profiles of A549/DDP and A549/MDR were obtained using an oligonucleotide microarray (Agilent SureHyb microarray chip). The microarray results were validated by qRT-PCR and selected genes were analyzed by in vitro loss-o…

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In this study of 956 participants, we found that patients with higher mtDNA copy number in peripheral blood had better self-rated health independent of age. We also found that older patients had lower mtDNA copy numbers. Lastly, we found that men had lower mtDNA copy numbers than women. These findings are unique and differ from previous studies. These findings should continue to add to our understanding of the relationship of mtDNA copy number to self-rated health as well as the ongoing work on mtDNA and age and gender.

There has been limited previous work in determining the relationship between self-rated health an…

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In this study, daurinoline was firstly demonstrated that inhibited the proliferation, migration, invasion and EMT phenotype of chemo-resistant NSCLC cells. And these effects were associated with EMT and Notch-1 reversal. Moreover, daurinoline could significantly enhance the anti-tumor effect of Taxol rather than epirubicin, adriamycin and cisplatin. And the reverse fold (RF) value of daurinoline was greater than terfenadine reported before. There are little cytotoxic effects of daurinoline and its derivatives reported by L.W. Fu, et al. (2001). Therefore, daurinoline may be a potential anti-tumor agent or chemosensitizer f…

Roche Holding ’s Tecentriq immunotherapy, in combination with Avastin and chemotherapy, won U.S. FDA approval as a first-line treatment for a type of lung cancer.

Conclusion: circPVT1 promotes NSCLC cell growth and invasion, and may serve as a promising therapeutic target for NSCLC patients. Therefore, silence of circPVT1 could be a future direction to develop a novel treatment strategy.Cell Physiol Biochem 2018;51:2324 –2340

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