Cancer has been there for a long time and that would have been difficult to imagine a person who has never heard of the illness. If not us, most of us have had friends, acquaintances or family members who have been affected by the disease. Cancer has affected many of us either directly or indirectly and hence, understanding cancer should be our responsibility. Some of the most asked questions about this disease include:

What are the different kinds of Cancer?

There are four different kinds of cancer, namely: Carcinoma, Lymphoma, Sarcoma, and Leukemia.

Carcinoma, this is the most common type, and it is as a result of the cells covering both the internal and external body surfaces. The lungs, colon and the breast are the most affected. Sarcoma occurs from cells that are located in supporting tissues. Some of these body-supporting tissues include the bone, fat and muscles. Lymphoma is cancer present in lymph nodes. Lastly, Leukemia is associated with the blood. Leukemia also affects the bone marrow.

What are the signs and symptoms of cancer?

The various signs and symptoms of the illness are dependent on the location of the cancer. Some of the most common signs and general symptoms of the disease include loss of weight, fever, unusual bleeding fatigue, pain and skin changes. Some of the visible skin changes are those the skin looks darker, turns yellow and the eyes follow suit, a condition known as jaundice and reddened skin.

How can someone detect and diagnose cancer?

Detecting this disease at its early stages may affect the growth and income for some kinds of cancer. Whenever it is detected, a doctor determines its type, how fast it grows and its precautions. Finding it in its early stages may decrease the person's risk of death. Here, improving methods for early detection are a priority for doctors and cancer researchers.

How can you Prevent cancer?

There are some rare methods of lowering the risk of this disease. Some of these methods include; avoiding the use of tobacco and its products, avoiding sunburns, eating right, engaging in exercises, avoiding or cutting the amount of alcohol you consume and avoiding contact with substances that may cause cancer.

How is cancer be treated?

Several methods of treatments exist. They include radiation therapy, surgery, chemotherapy and biological therapy in the case of some cancers. Once the person with cancer visits the doctor, he or she may talk with you about the treatments available. Your choice of treatment will depend on the type of cancer present in your body.

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