While many people believe that a vaccine for the “HIV” or “Human Immunodeficiency Virus” has been found, the simple fact of the matter is that it has not and there is no HIV vaccine available today.

Even though many researchers, scientists and government organizations have been working for more than twenty years to find the vaccine for this disease, they have been unsuccessful. The primary reason for this is that unlike other viruses for which a vaccine has been found, no one who has ever been diagnosed with the HIV virus has ever been able to clear this disease from their system.

With viruses such as chickenpox, influenza, and measles, when people who have been infected with these viruses recover, their immune system functions in such a way that the virus is cleared from their body.

Often times when a virus has left the human body it develops an immunity which works in such a way as to not allow them to be infected by the same virus again. It is based on this information that scientists and researchers have been able to successfully create a vaccine for these viruses.

Another challenge when it comes to finding an HIV vaccine is the fact that this virus is constantly mutating which means that it quickly changes and develops into a new strain and for this reason there are now several different strains of this virus to contend with making it even more difficult to create an effective vaccine.

However, despite all of these challenges some progress has been made when it comes to developing the HIV vaccine as in laboratory tests monkeys which have been injected with test vaccines have been protected from a form of virus that is a related to HIV.

It has also been discovered that some people, even after having been exposed to the HIV virus repeatedly, remain uninfected which has given hope due the development of a new drug which was created based on this information and may provide some new clues to the creation of a vaccine which will be successful.

Source by Anne Ahira


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