The tendency of human cells is to develop, and the increase in the number of cells must take place continuously. This process inspires in the cells production and inactive cells are thus replaced. A particular process controls the human cells production and the cells are equally processed throughout the body. In few cases, the cell division production, results in an abnormal growth that indicates the existence of cancer. The cells begin migrating new tissues and begin penetrating into organs and bloodstream. This happens when the terrible disease of cancer emerges. This form of cancer evolves later into existence of unsafe sickness. Chemotherapy is considered as the effective treatment to kill the cancer cells and makes them stop massive cells production. In this article, we have discussed few of the disadvantages of chemotherapy treatment.

Chemotherapy is the treatment that is performed that involves numerous agents such as docetaxel, vinorelbine, mitoxantrone and estramustine. These agents deactivate the cancer cells production. The chief disadvantage of chemotherapy is that the drugs cannot classify between quick-growing and slow-growing cancer cells. Drugs used during chemotherapy have the power to kill all types of cells in the process of the cancer treatment. This chemotherapy treatment augments destruction of good cells too and therefore, paces the way for damaging the hair follicles resulting in huge amount of hair loss. This is one of the great disadvantages of chemotherapy treatment.

Since chemotherapy cannot classify between healthy cells and cancer cells (as both are developing), side effects are predictable For example, healthy dividing cells can include cells of reproductive system, hair follicles, gastrointestinal tract and bone marrow. The side effects can be provisional or long-term. Obviously, not each drug will cause side effect. You must not hesitate to ask doctor when the particular chemotherapy you are taking has a disadvantage.

Temporary side effects range from nerve damage to hair loss. Dry mouth, pain swallowing nausea, diarrhea, fatigue, constipation, loss of appetite, changes with taste, bleeding and mouth sores are some of the temporary disadvantages of chemotherapy treatment. Once you finish chemotherapy, you must generally recover your normal condition. For example, you get your hair back two months after chemotherapy is finished completely. However, if you find out any of them intolerable, then you must allow your doctor to know this. He can switch to a new medicine.

It is possible that chemotherapy also leaves behind long-lasting signs of injury. Long after you finish your treatment, you may discover another cancer form like non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and leukemia. These are cancers of white blood cells named lymphocytes. Others can also injure your kidneys, nervous system, liver and brain. Sometimes, there can be blood in your urine. Chemotherapy injures the sperms also. Getting pregnant with injured sperm also increases the risk to produce hereditary faulty babies.

Obviously, not all chemotherapy drugs have such long-term disadvantages however, you may discuss with your doctor for best possible options. Doctors due to the dangers of long-term chemotherapy side effects never take chemotherapy lightly.

Source by Alina Kapur


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