Childhood obesity in America and worldwide is a major health problem. The childhood obesity facts has the potential to effect many physical and psychological problems in children. Increases in weight gain as a child grows is normal as long as they are within the limits of their body mass index. When the increase in body weight is more than what is considered healthy body weight then children can be considered obese. Some of the childhood obesity facts are type II diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol

There are numerous causes for childhood obesity. The main cause is eating more calories than the body burns through physical activity. Child obesity is often a result of nutritional, psychological, physiological, and family factors. It is commonly known that many obese children have obese parents. This may be due to genetic reasons but most times it is a result of the parenting lifestyles.

Parents are role models and when they have poor eating habits and irregular exercise practices their children inherit those same poor habits. Additional childhood obesity facts are: children spending too much time watching television or playing video games. While engaging in these activities they have a tendency to eat high calorie snacks and drink sodas which are loaded with sugar. Heredity also has a role in childhood obesity. Studies have shown that children of overweight mothers were found to be less active than children of normal weight mothers.

Obesity Risks

Children who continue consume high calorie foods such as those found at fast food restaurants, vending machines, and donut shops are at high risk of becoming obese. In order to maintain weight they need to burn those calories through physical exercise. If they do not they will gain weight. Psychologically, the childhood obesity facts with children who have difficulties dealing with stress and emotions can lead to obesity. Many children who have emotional issues will turn to food as an escape. Often that food is high in sugar which temporarily gives them a euphoric feeling accelerating the stress and leaving them with a feeling of relief.

Health Risks

There are numerous health risks associated childhood obesity both physically and psychologically. The physical risks include high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, type II diabetes, liver disease, sleep disorders, and several different respiratory problems. In addition obese children are at risk of stroke, heart attack, and some cancers. Psychologically they feel lonely and depressed. Obese children get picked on, taunted, and they have fewer friends which effects their self esteem and body image.


According to the childhood obesity facts the best solution is to encourage and implement a healthy diet. This means making changes in overall lifestyles from eating habits to physical activity. Depending on the age of your child use caution when deciding on a formal weight loss diet program. Keep in mind that they may still be going through a natural growth process. A healthy diet should include fresh whole foods such as vegetables and fruit. Eliminate the fried foods and go for grilled or baked foods instead. Avoid foods that are processed and foods with high salt or sugar content.

In order to achieve the best results the childhood obesity facts require changes in eating habits and physical exercise. It all starts with making changes as a family. Mealtime should be had as a family and at the dinner table. Encourage eating more slowly and never allow television viewing during mealtime. Provide healthy snacks and remind your child that it is a snack not a meal. Additionally involve your family in more exercise. Take a walk together on a daily basis and create chores that require physical activity such as: taking the dog for a walk, taking out the trash, or even cleaning their room.

These are the main childhood obesity facts. Results take time but with patience and determination you can help your child regain their health and live a more active life.

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