In the study of disease we find unknown causes for a lot of diseases. This leaves us to speculate. The question is could there be multiple reasons behind one illness? These 7 reasons could cause poor health, whether that is fatigue, pain, diabetes, heart problems, or acne. They could be the reason behind every known and unknown disease.

When we think of allergies we think of things like peanut or bee sting allergies. These allergies get most of the press because of how dangerous they can be. These allergies can cause an attack and kill. This is an IgE response. It is fast, and deadly.

There is another type of allergy that has a slower response. It is called an IgG allergic response. Because of the slower response rate it is not as commonly known. If we eat something causing an IgG allergic response inflammation builds up in our intestine. The inflammation can then enter our blood stream. This inflammation can cause stomach and bowel diseases, plaguing in the arteries, and even destroy brain cells. Along with a host of problems.

Any joint in the body can decay if there is a misalignment of the joint. This is true with knees, feet, or spine. This misalignment in the spine can cause joints to degenerate and nerves to choke. Causing a decrease in nerve supply to muscles, tissues, or organs. If the nerve supply doesn’t reach cells of an organ, muscle or tissue those cells can’t function at full capacity. This can lead to a diseased state.

Degeneration of joints comes from muscle imbalances, injuries, slight misalignments, and biochemistry. The most common biochemical degeneration comes from diabetes.

Nutritional deficiencies can cause a variety of diseases. These disease ranges from Scurvy that killed many people and can be corrected by vitamin C, to pernicious anemia, caused by a deficiency in vitamin B-12. Pernicious anemia is a one of the causes of ALS.

These nutritional deficiencies many times go unnoticed. They are classified as sub clinical. Someone may show signs and symptoms of a disease. And their blood test is negative for that disease. Could this be a sub clinical nutritional deficiency? Many times nutrition can correct these sub clinical conditions.

. The body has an innate ability to detoxify itself. If this ability is lost, toxins build up in our bodies. The body stores these toxins in tissues, organs, and tries to eliminate it through skin, and hair.

First, we must protect the body from toxins. And since it is impossible to protect ourselves from our environment completely, we must make sure we are eliminating toxins from the body sufficiently.

Heavy metals can build up in the body. These toxins cause neurological disorders, heart problems, autism like symptoms, dementia. Many of the signs and symptoms associated with toxin are unusual and look like other diseases.

This type of pollution is starting to hit the media. Cell phones are the biggest problem. However, computers, cordless phones, fluorescent lights, batteries, and microwaves can cause health issues. This is most common in those who get sick easily.

This field is highly researched. The research is new and not considered mainstream. This field is very controversial and deserves our attention. Recently, brain tumors are reaching a younger population. This could be correlated directly to the increase of cell phone usage. More research needs to be done on this subject.

We fear normal viral and bacterial infections. Almost every cleaner and soap boasts its antimicrobial effect. There is no need to explain these further.

Another class of infection not so popular is the sub clinical infections. This usually happens when an over growth of normal bacteria and fungus grows on, or in our bodies. These infections cause fatigue and malaise. Our body’s immune system tries to fight this bacterium off, and gets exhausted. Building up the immune system through proper nutrition and lifestyle change will eliminate this type of infection.

Thoughts can cause biochemistry to change. This change can be good or bad. Some stressors can decrease immune system effectiveness. Other thoughts could lead to effecting the endocrine system disrupting hormone regulation. All these responses can decrease health.

Health problem and disease usually do not come from one thing alone. The body’s complex systems can break down in more than one way. Here are 7 causes to illness and disease. By viewing each as a possibility can increase the ability to overcome poor health.

Source by Dr. Tom Kessinger, D.C.


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