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Conclusion: Our study demonstrated that CX3543 could inhibit the progression of colon cancer by downregulating CCAT1 expression and might be a potential drug for the treatment of colon cancer.
PMID: 30519593 [PubMed – in process]

Source: Biomed ResCategory: Research Authors: Tags: Biomed Res Int Source Type: research

CONCLUSIONS Our results suggest that PVT1 could promote metastasis and proliferation of colon cancer via endogenous sponging and inhibiting the expression of miR-26b, which may highlight the significance of lncRNA PVT1 in colon cancer tumorigenesis.
PMID: 30504754 [PubMed – in process]

CONCLUSION: In our study, 28.8% of patients with histologically negative lymph nodes were found to have metastatic lymph nodes using OSNA – one step nucleic acid molecular assessment. OSNA – one step nucleic acid assay allows a more accurate staging of patients with colorectal cancer and standardizes lymph node assessment.
PMID: 30521460 [PubMed – in process]

Source: Acta Medica PortuguesaCategory: General Medicine Tags: Acta Med Port Source Type: research

Conclusion: The increases in the incidence of different types of cancer in the past decade could be due to the revolutionary change in socioeconomic status that has occurred in Saudi Arabia; therefore, a national plan should be established for cancer prevention, screening and therapy. Concerning mortality, the decrease in its percentage among elderly people could be due to biological factors that should be investigated in the future.
PMID: 30520511 [PubMed – in process]

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In this study, we investigated the antitumor effect of high-dose vitamin C in a mouse model of chronic inflammation-associated colorectal cancer induced by azoxymethane (AOM) and dextran sodium sulfate (DSS). After cancer induction, the mice were administered vitamin C and/or irinotecan. Because irinotecan is a key drug in colorectal cancer treatment, it was used for comparison in this study. We examined reactive oxygen species (ROS) and interleukin-6 (IL-6) levels in the plasma of mice, as well as collagen type I and caspase-1 expression and neutrophil and terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase-mediated deoxyuridine tripho…

Source: Biological and Pharmaceutical BulletinCategory: Drugs & Pharmacology Authors: Tags: Biol Pharm Bull Source Type: research

This study aimed to elucidate whether symptoms of low anterior resection syndrome change over time and if the correlation to quality of life is equivalent when measured at 2 time points.
This prospective cohort study included measurements at 2 time points (5 years between; range, 7.1–16.1 years from surgery to second follow-up).
This multicenter study included patients from Sweden and Denmark.
Patients were included if they were ≥18 years of age and underwent curative rectal cancer surgery with either total or partial mesorectal excision.
Outcomes were…

The methylator pathway of colorectal carcinogenesis, characterized by CpG island hypermethylation and BRAF mutations, accounts for ≈25% of colorectal cancers. Because these cancers tend to be right sided and because DNA methylation in the right colon increases with age, we expect an increasing proportion of right-sided cancer over time. Conversely, we expect young patients (age 50 or 81 y). Patients with IBD or hereditary syndromes were excluded.
A total of 497 colorectal cancers were analyzed (266 men and 231 women); 57 patients (11.5%) were ≤50 years of age. No young cancers (0/57) were…

Disease-free survival estimated from the time of surgery does not account for the changing likelihood of survival based on time already accrued. Conditional disease-free survival is defined as the probability of remaining disease free after reaching a specific time point without recurrence.
The purpose of this study was to evaluate conditional disease-free survival for patients with rectal cancer who were treated by proctectomy after neoadjuvant chemoradiation.
Demographics, tumor characteristics, and tumor regression scores were assessed. Three-year conditional disease-free survival …

Colorectal cancer invading the adjacent organs/structures is detected in 5% to 20% of all surgical interventions performed for the management of colorectal cancer.
Our purpose is to verify the safety and feasibility of laparoscopic surgery for the treatment of locally advanced colorectal cancer invading the adjacent organs.
This is a retrospective study.
The study was conducted at a single institution in Japan.
We compared the morbidity, appropriate oncological resection, and disease-free survival of laparoscopic and open multivisceral resection in patients w…

This study aimed to evaluate if Medicaid expansion improved colorectal cancer screening for minorities and low-income patients.
We used the Behavior Risk Factor Surveillance System, a nationally representative health-related telephone survey, to compare colorectal cancer screening rates from 2012 to 2016 based on Medicaid expansion status. A difference-in-difference analysis was used to compare the trends.
All states were included in this survey.
Respondents aged 50 to 64 from the early expansion, 2014 expansion, and nonexpansion states were selected.
Medicaid expansio…

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