As a result of our fast-paced modern life, the core elements of healthy living have been forgotten. The most important element is keeping a natural balanced diet of fruits and vegetables. Nutrition is the heart of health, and the food we eat is the anchor that holds our health in place.

As the "fat-and-fit" movement grows, we are witnessing an ever-growing crowd of overweight people that has the discipline it takes to exercise on a regular basis. They become fit, and carry themselves better. Some of them have a deaf sleep and a happier, clear mind. These are the common effects regular exercise will give us.

For some reason, even though they exercise regularly, their weight remains the same, and with time, weight-related problems arrive. These problems could have been avoided with a few minor adjustments to their diet.

What is keeping us from losing the weight that is weighing us down?

The answer to that question is usually the right diet. Some of you may ask - "But what is the ideal diet?". The answer is the right mixture of seeds, nuts, fruits and vegetables. Nutrition is an extremely major factor in our health, and it is our responsibility to explore it a bit deeper, for our own sake.

It is important to understand that by many standards, being overweight is considered a very serious problem. Obesity is basically being extremely heavier then the maximum recommendations for our height and age. Being obese will severely amplify the risk for having a wide variety of illnesses. Some illnesses are reliably minor, such as breathing difficulties or male impotency. Those issues could be taken care of by using common medical drugs. Midway through that spectrum we find psychological effects such as severe depression or apathy. At the far end of that spectrum we encounter deadly diseases such as cancer and different heart conditions.

Regulating our diet does not mean lowering our carbohydrates intake. At times, the direct opposite is true, as our body may experience stress from the lack of available energy. Once this happens, our body will learn to hold on to every carbohydrates that is ateen, and store it. This can lead to stress in the stomach, and at times will cause us to gain weight but then lose it. The true meaning of a good diet is a whole one, that contains all of the nutrients needed by our body to function. Different types of fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts, in the right quantities and the right combination. If we eat right, the exercise part of any "diet" has a relatively minor effect on the weight, and the nutrition alone is sufficient to achieve the result.

So let us never forget that the power of decision-making is there for us, if we decide to use it. If we do, as we should, the knowledge is available as well. Always remember that by adjusting our diet we can make a difference in our state of being. It is all about eating the right fruits and vegetables. Our nutrition will give our body the ease it needs to allow our mind to further develop. That alone will nourish the perfect machine which is our healthy body.


Source by Ido I