Do you know we Indians rank third among the countries all over the world in Obesity? Nowadays obesity is the biggest problem among all sections of the society. There is the incidence of obesity in children as well in the urban group of society. The rate of growth of obesity has tremendously increased in India which makes India an unhealthy nation. And due to this rate of obesity growth in India, we Indians have become more prone to obesity-related problems such as diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases, arthritis, etc which are life-threatening. According to the Center for Diabetes in India, the overall prevalence of obesity in urban children in New Delhi has shown an increase from 16% in 2002 to about 24% in 2006-2007. Various studies concluded that childhood obesity leads to lifetime disorder. So it is necessary to take steps toward the national health, to make aware the people about obesity and their related problems. There are various reasons that make India as a hub of obesity. These areas-

#1. Lifestyle

The primary reason for obesity is the lifestyle, in childhood obesity, parents are often ignorant about their children being overweight. They provide extra comfort to their children in terms of physical activities. Kids are busy playing the games in gadgets rather than playing outdoor games. Nowadays children spend more time on mobile phones, Television, computers, playing video games instead of going outside for games that involve physical strength.

#2. Fast Food on Daily Basis

The main cause of obesity in India is, the growing speed of fast food intake among the young people. People tend to eat more junk food as compared to healthy food. They spend more money to buy outside and easily available food nowadays. The fast food has become comfort food. Mostly fast foods are fried and sugary which are loaded with lots of calories which are the cause of leading health problems.

#3. Lack of Physical Activities

Overindulgence in sedentary lifestyle is the leading cause of obesity in India. People are more busy to purchase things online instead of purchasing the goods by going outdoors, children are indulging more in indoor games as compared to outdoor sports, thus lack of physical activities is making nation obese.

#4. Lack of Awareness Towards Health

Majority of Population in India are unaware of the circumference of obesity, they lack the basic knowledge about the nutrition.

#5. Eating Habits

Faulty eating habit is the major cause of obesity in Indian society. Obesity is the long-term result of unhealthy eating, so include more of healthy foods in your children's diet so that there are fewer chances of obesity. Parents should inculcate healthy eating habits in their children like try to give one fruit in kids' Tiffin, try to give more of vegetables in meal time, etc.

The obesity can seriously impact an individual's quality of life, so it important for weight loss to change eating habits, increase physical activity, become educated about the body. We should learn how to nourish ourselves and set realistic weight management goals which will bring us towards the proper health management.

Source by Kumar Mangalam